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A quarterly e-newsletter from IATTM    April - June 2016 - Volume 6 Issue 2


It was the beginning of Spring where we had an enriching and fruitful days spent in Tallinn, Estonia for our 4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa held on 1st to 3rd April with our extended TTM family!

Though it was still cold in Tallinn, our hearts stayed warm and cozy with delegates from 31 countries, spanning 5 continents...Sorig News will bring you all the happenings and reviews from participants all over the world in this issue and the coming issues. Also watch out for our new congress journal publication coming your way! And with SKI (Sorig Khang International) Foundation in creation status, our organization is going through new structural developments and changes which will be announced in the coming months. And I am so happy to share that we now have a new editorial team for Sorig News! Welcome, Philip from Austria, Laura from Italy, Elise from France and Pavel from Czech Republic. In the coming months, they will work together to bring the international news of SKI to you! I wish this baby all the best, may you grow and flourish in the care of your new gardeners, tashi delek!

Sorig News Editor..for the last issue...
& IATTM International Ku Nye Teacher
Jacqueline Yu

.......And an introduction from Philipp, our new editor:

Dear friends of Sowa Rigpa!
There have been a lot of developments in our beloved world of Sowa Rigpa lately. So the waves of karma finally reached our diligent fellow gardener of Tanadug, Jacqueline Yu, to pass the work for the Sorig Newsletter on to a new extented board of editors:

  • Elise Mandine from France,
  • Laura Bellandi from Italy,
  • Pavel Palacik from Czech Republic and
  • Philipp Fuchs from Austria.

Together we will have the honor to present you the latest stories, developments and news about Traditional Tibetan Medicine from more than 40 countries worldwide.
In consequence Jacqueline will be able to focus on different Sorig projects from now on, like the Free Medical Camps in Nepal and elswehere on the globe. At this point I would like to thank you, dear Jacqueline,  in the name of Sorig Khang International and all the people who were enjoying the Sorig Newsletter, for all the efforts and love you put into it in the last years! We wish you good luck, fun and success for all the future projects that await you in the future!
For all readers who were  wondering about the name „Sorig Khang Int.“ above, I am happy to announce the second big news of this Issue: The inauguration of Sorig Khang International (SKI) as the official non-profit succession organisation of the IATTM at this years 4th Int. Congress on TTM in Tallinn, Estonia. In a preliminary meeting the roots and basic structures of SKI have been established and new projects have been added to former IATTM branches – i.e. the new editorial board of the Sorig Newsletter too. We will gradually inform you about SKI and the range of our activities in future Newsletter issues, as we develope further.
May Sowa Rigpa and SKI spread and flourish for the benefit of all beings!

Best wishes,
Philipp Fuchs
Sorig News Editor, SKI Student & Doctor of Western Medicine

In this issue:

4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa 1st to 3rd April 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia - message from Dr. Jens

A weekend of Traditional Tibetan Medicine Study in Tallinn

Sorig First Aid - Warmth of Losar

The Sorig Materia Medica - Beleric Myrobalan

Updates from Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN)

Sorig Tour 2016 - Don't Miss!!

News from IATTM Italy Team

Japan's first 3 Kunye Instructors

Dark Retreat in Estonia

Tibetan Medicine, Green Tara, and the Mysterious Ways of Healing

The Traditional Methods and Practices of the Ancient Tradition of Yuthog Nyingthig - continuation

Tibetan Yogis Village's Update

Photo Gallery - IATTM activities held around the world! View our albums here!

What is Tibetan Mantra Healing?
"Man" is mind, "tra" is protection in sanskrit. Tibetan Mantra Healing is a powerful form of sound healing that originated 5000 years ago. It was developed by the Drang Srong sages (rishis), who transmitted many seminal meditation practices. Mantra healing is the practice of using sound as a healing medium, using primordial sounds of nature, as well as divine words from the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages. It is a powerful method of bringing balance to various diseases and restoring health for oneself and others.

What does the CD contain?
Under Dr. Nida Chenagtsang's request, he selected a few beneficial mantras that heals disorders of the three humours according to TTM (rlung, tripa, bekan), he asked Drukmo to sing them for the benefit of all. Drukmo and her Estonian friends Taavi Peterson, Joosep Korvits, Leho Rubis worked together with Kaido Kirikmae on this beautiful project. We hope <<Tibetan Mantra Healing>> will bring positive outcomes for you.

Where can I get the CD?
CD will be ready after 1st April 2016, it will be available at the 4th International Congess on Sowa Rigpa - Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Tallinn, Estonia. Later in May, it will be sold online:

The extraordinary and beautiful YUTHOK STATUE - created by Rajesh Shakya - now available! Part proceeds goes toward supporting Sowa Rigpa International College in Nepal. To order, send an email to Eric Rosenbush [].

4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa - Traditional Tibetan Medicine 1-3 April 2016 in Tallinn / Estonia ~ TWO FLOWERS - LONG LIFE AND GOOD HEALTH

Dear friends, 

I´m writing these lines at the airport,  on the way to the 4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa,  full of gratitude and joy for the great work of Viivi Käärma, Drukmo Gyal and the team in Estonia to make this Congress possible. 
Thank you so much for your inspiring team work.

Our Congress is in the long tradition of sharing knowledge and unity in spirit in the field of Sowa Rigpa.

"We are one family" (Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Congress President)

The family of Sowa Rigpa is creative, joyful, well connected and prepared for the great challenge of a growing international interest and the bridging of the gap between time-tested wisdom and modern scientific perspectives.

We are working for the same goal from a variety of diverse perspectives, side by side, in close cooperation:  to preserve and develop Traditional Tibetan Medicine for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Let´s truly live interconnectivity and let´s create this annual Congress together in close cooperation and friendship.
Be a part of it as you are already:  in Estonia in 2016, in Nepal in 2017 and in ...

My flight is ready check in now:
The family will be together soon in beautiful Estonia.

With a smile in my heart, 
sincerely yours, 
Dr. Jens Tönnemann


Science of Mantra Healing

by Dr.Nida Chenagtsang

Published in Tibetan Language by Beijing National Publishing House

When 'magic' meets medical practice. Dr. Nida Chenagtsang's new and pioneering Tibetan language study on the 'Science of Mantra Healing' or Tibetan ritual medicine (ngak cho rigpa) has been published by the Beijing National Publishing House. As his brother Hungchen says, "This is the first introduction to and research on mantra healing and I am certain it will absolutely become the premier entry-point into the authentic practice of mantra healing.


Sorig First Aid
Liping Medical Camp
on 4th Feb - Warmth of Losar

We are happy to inform that once again we were able to put some smiles on the faces of people who were suffering deeply from recent Nepal earthquake.
Sorig First Aid in collaboration with Kunphen tibetan medicine set off at 5am for Liping, border of Tibet and Nepal on 4th Feb 2016 to provide free medicine and treatments to the villagers and monks at Khotari Gompa.
The team comprised of Dr.Nyima Tsering, Dr. Lektso lama, Gyalpo Lama, Tashi Tsomo and Karma from Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre,
Total number of patients: 150
Most common diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, anxiety disorder, knee pain, osteoarthritis, gastric, hypertension, stress, constipation, allergy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, anti-social personality disorder, asthma, depression, acute bronchitis, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, leukaemia, peptic ulcer, rheumatic fever, sciatica, sinusitis, etc.

Please visit & like our
SORIG FIRST AID Facebook page:

To make a donation or help sponsor free medical camps: please email to Jacqueline:


This time last week I was in Tallinn, Estonia at the 4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa or Traditional Tibetan Medicine. This conference was very ably organised by the Estonian branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, a worldwide academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine headed up by the bubbly and enthusiastic Dr Nida Chenagstang. I had had the good fortune to meet Dr Nida for the first time last October when he was in London for a week of teaching commitments. It was at this meeting that Dr Nida extended a warm invitation for me to join the upcoming Congress in Estonia.

It was such a joy to spend time with other Tibetan Medicine practitioners and to spend three days immersed in the study of this profoundly spiritual and yet eminently practical system of healing. I love the fact that Tibetan Medicine enables the healing of body, mind and spirit. The development of illness is a complex process which involves ingrained thought patterns, conditioning and emotional blocks just as much as the ingestion of unhealthy foods or a habitually unfavourable lifestyle. To only focus on physical manifestations of illness is to ignore the underlying root cause. Yet western allopathic medicine remains stubbornly uncomfortable about the mind and spirit aspects of healing. But I digress….


Congress participants were warmly welcomed by Dr Nida Chenagstang.  Dr Nida’s enthusiasm and determination has helped bring the healing knowledge of Tibetan Medicine to students in many countries of the world. Dr Nida has also been responsible for preserving and teaching  knowledge of various external therapies such as:- KuNye Massage, Moxibustion and  YukCho Stick Therapy (this latter is not included in the Gyuzhi and had been preserved only as an oral tradition until Dr Nida’s initiative to teach it more widely).

What did I learn at the Congress? I learnt that there is a wide and dedicated network of Tibetan Medicine practitioners who are actively engaged in research and development projects all over the world. I was especially thrilled to discover that there is an initiative to share knowledge about the growing of Tibetan medicinal herbs in different European countries. I was impressed to learn that there is a now a new college in Nepal called ‘Sorig Khang International Nepal’ which will welcome its first students for a five year degree course in Tibetan Medicine this autumn (this course is open to western students too). I marvelled at the work done by Herbert Schwabl and his team at Padma Inc in order to make Tibetan formulae available in Europe despite complex and restrictive regulations which vary in interpretation within different EU countries, and I was totally enthralled by Eric Rosenbush’s presentation on ‘An Exploration of the Nectar of Immortality within the Science of Healing and its Lore in Indo-Tibetan Spiritual Traditions’. I seriously could have listened to this presentation for a great deal longer than the programme allowed.

On the second day of the congress we were treated to a demonstration of the Lum-Five Nectar Bath Therapy by Dr Dimitri Khokhlov from ATTM Buriatia thanks to the confidence and good humour of a volunteer who agreed to strip off and climb into the steam bath tent and sit there for 40 mins in front of a large audience. Dr Dimitri explained that this very valuable and ancient system of therapy is particularly helpful for patients living in colder parts of the world. I also attended a workshop in the use of heated iron instruments instead of herbal moxibustion cones, called ‘tel me’ in Tibetan. I found the heat from the iron rods to be soothing, penetrating and lasting so I could see how this form of moxibustion would be very good for the treatment of joint problems or injuries. I really liked the fact that this form of therapy does not leave a smoke filled clinic, something which I have found can be a little impractical in my premises where a moxibustion session could in theory be followed by a consultation with a patient suffering from a respiratory disorder. I can already hear the cries of ‘What about smokeless moxa?’ but I find even smokeless ‘moxa’  is a little smokey.

Dr Anastazja Holecko gave a very interesting presentation on diet. She had drawn on functional medicine to help bring the very ancient advice contained within the Gyuzhi into a format compatible with western diets and lifestyles. My patients will be all too aware that my treatment recommendations always involve dietary and lifestyle advice. It is so important to eat in a manner that suits our personal circumstances and constitution.  I see a great many patients who have unwittingly unbalanced their health due to following a new healthy eating system, promoted on the internet and in the media as being perfect for everyone. In fact in reality we need to adapt our eating to our constitutional nature. For example someone of a nervous or anxious disposition will do much better if they include rich and nutritious, warming foods such as bone broth, oats and sesame seeds rather than following a very light raw food diet.

It was a great honour to hear about some Tibetan Medicinal formulae passed down through many generations of Dr Wanma Caidan’s family lineage in Amdo. It is awe inspiring to think about how such precious knowledge has been passed orally from father to son and now to daughters too for many centuries. There were also two very interesting presentations on karmamudra and sexual rejuvenation practices, as well as love, attachment and sexuality by Dr Tetsu Nagasawa from Japan and Dr Olev Poolamets from Estonia.

With three very full days packed full of presentations and demonstrations there was a great deal more which I won’t list exhaustively but I will add that I was very happy to hear the highly experienced Tibetan Doctor and teacher, Dr Machik from Amdo, speaking. Dr Machik was special guest of honour at the congress and I believe it was the first time he has travelled outside of China. I’m hoping to be able to travel to Amdo to study with him this summer.

After the formalities of the congress we delegates walked through the beautiful old town of Tallinn to the youth centre where we took part in the ceremony to ritually destroy the intricate Medicine Buddha sand mandala which had been constructed there a few days earlier. Although in the west we may find this destruction an alien concept, within Buddhism it is very helpful to be concious of the fleeting and impermanent nature of life. The destruction of the sand mandala helps to bring this impermanence into the forefront of our minds and helps us to grasp life to the full while we have its blessing.


I could say so much more about this but I am still digesting the experience myself. It was certainly a very intense few days and I found the interchange amongst delegates between the sessions was just as valuable as the formal presentations themselves. I know that attending the congress has refreshed and rejuvenated me after years of hard work focused on my clinic and patients without a change of scenery. I have come away from the congress with new friends, new ideas and a sense of being part of a wider Sowa Rigpa family. Once again though I’m left with a renewed wonder at the sophistication and spiritual depth of this wonderful and ancient system of healing.


By Lucy Jones, posted on

From The Sorig Materia Medica

Myrobalanus/Terminalia bellirica བ་རུ་ར། Baroora – Barura

Beleric myrobalan

It is one of “three fruits decoction” and used for curing both rlung and khrispa disorders, it is a well know ingredient for rejuvenation, tonic and energetic herbal remedy.

Taste & Potency:  
Preparation: Fresh fruit, dry in cool place
Plant part: Fruit
Form: Fresh, powder, pill

Intake as tea, or decoction, or eat fresh fruit

Dosage: About 4gm per day
Duration: 21 - 30 days

 Infections
 Balances inner organs
Rlung and Khrispa disorders
 Skin disorders
 Mental calmer

Remove the pit before use. Indian tripala is similar to the three fruits decoction, however there is a different preparation method, therefore usage is different.


SORIG TOUR July/Aug 2016 - Don't miss!

Great thanks to all for making Sorigtour possible every year.
We are trying our best to improve the quality of the tour and we will not be able to do it without your support and help.
As you might already know, this is not just a sightseeing tour. This is a tour that helps us to accumulate merits by helping patients, exchanging knowledge with local doctors, seeing lives of buddhist practitioners and experiencing life teachings.

Sorigtour started since 2006 by Dr.Nida Chenagtsang - Our great hero in the field of sowa rigpa.
He has witnessed so many TTM practitioners and Yuthok Sanghas who found indestructible and positive reasons to believe in their potentials through experiences during the tour. From there, many people started TTM centres, activities, etc. Therefore we urge you to take this great opportunity to participate in our yearly event, especially for all of those who are interested in the science of healing - Sowa Rigpa and all those who are searching for spiritual nourishment and liberation.

Please click here for registration.

Our early registration is open until 1st May, 2016.
You are welcome to check our itinerary here

For further information, please write to us:

Yogi land Winter Tour in Guru Rinpoche Year Feb 2017

Monkey year is known as Guru Renpoche Year, the aim of this tour is to give an opportunity for Nyingma practitioners to have a full view of Yogi land in Amdo, experience and observe fundamentally the everyday life of Yogis and yoginis, as we know that Tibetan women are recognised as one of the largest contributors to the Ngak-Mang. Ngakmas (female Ngakpas) such as Yeshe Tsogyal, Machin Labdron and Chusep Jetsun were highly respected practitioners and were an inspiration to many Tibetan women. Yeshe Tsogyal (777 - 837 CE), the First Tibetan "Ngakma", is also considered the first female Tibetan Doctor, as she uncovered many mantras and therapies relating to Tibetan Medicine.

For itinerary & info -

News from IATTM Italy Team

The first Italian Forum Sowa Rigpa “Salute e/è felicità – Health is Happiness -
Diet and Lifestyle According to the Tibetan Ancient Medical Science” was held in Pisa last October, with a presence of hundred people from all over the world. It was a great first meeting to explore and get in contact with the ancient TTM science and medicine, in a modern way.


In March, we were so happy and grateful to have Dr. Nida Chenagtsang back for more than 8 days of precious teachings held in Pomaia (Pisa) at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute: Yuthok long life practice, Buddha Medicine meditation, Me Tza or moxa (one of the best therapy in TTM), and others.


Next schedule for international students:

Ku Nye III level with Eric Rosenbush in April (23-27)
Basic Diagnosis and Pathology

This course block introduces diagnostic aspects and general pathology of TTM knowledge into the training.
It is primarily based on material from the third and fourth of the Medical Tantras. All of this will be
integrated with further refinements of previous techniques to treat specific conditions.
• Principles of diagnosis
• Triage
• Inspection of the body and sense organs
• Basic urine analysis
• Basic pulse reading
• and more...
The course will be held in English (with Italian translation).


For more information, you can write an email to:
Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter :

Japan`s first 3 Kunye instructors have been appointed!

It was exciting to hear that Genla had chosen three of his students to become the first Kunye instructors in Japan. All are living and working in Kyoto, so they will have to go to other places to teach. The three of them had started to learn under Genla since his first visit to Japan in 2008. Since then the three were actively participating in all courses that Genla was giving in Japan. Unfortunately I was not able to take part in this course as I had my own job as well as my volunteer job, but I did participate in the mantra level 1 and 2, Sache and Dream Yoga courses together with my daughters and Masumi.The three are Masumi Nakano our  inland coordinator, and my two daughters Mazumi and Toyomi Morita who had just opened their own Tibetan healing spa in June 2015.

In 2008, a young woman came to my Tibetan restaurant and asked me if we could put some pamphlets of the upcoming IATTM event on our tables. I agreed,and when she had gone,I went through the text and got very excited,as I had always been very interested in Tibetan medicine. With the help of my society`s sponsors we even paid the school fees of many medical students in Dharamsala, and later also in Tibet, so they could become doctors. In the evening I showed the pamphlets to my daughters and they also got very interested in the Kunye course, so they enrolled in this course.It wa quite taff schedule, as they had to leave vey early in the morning as the course was held an over 2 hours ride by train and when they came back in the evening,they were quite tired from all they had heard,but they had to do homework for the next day.This continued for 6 days,after this they were quite exhausted. Until the following year`s coming of Genla they went once moreslowly through the Kunye level 1 text. Toyomi,the younger was already an acupuncturist, massage therapist and aestetician so she was familiar in anatomy, acupoints etc, but still Kunye was different. Mazumi,the older one had a different job but she had heard from me about Tibetan medicine and how Tibetan herbs can  be very effective,as I had a sponsor  who was very ill, to whom I had suggested Tibetan herbal medicine. He was very grateful because thanks to this medicine he was even  able to go to Europe on holidays which he hadn`t been able to do for years. Well, as Mazumi continued to take part in the courses given by Genla,she started to enroll in an aromatheraphy course. Now she is not only aromatherapist  instructor but alo herbal dviser and of course Kunye instructor. We ordinary people never know what is waiting for us in future,but it`s amazing to look at connections. If I hadn`t had my NGO society and Tibetan restaurant nobody would have known us,so we would not have received any pamphlets about Kunye course, so it’s quite for sure that we wouldn`t have heard about Genla`s courses. What a lucky family we are! Tujeche Genla. We will do our best to spread Tibetan medicine in Japan.

Masumi Nakano`s encounter with Tibetan medicine started from another point. She had learnt aesthetic and Ayurveda 17 years ago and opened Ayurveda salons, but exactly when she felt that something fundamental was missing, she got the opportunity to take part in the first  Kunye seminar given by Genla in Japan. She was very impressed by the natural, frank character of Dr Nida who is so full of compassion.. Kunye is a very subtle system which fits Japanese temperament very well as Masumi says.. She will also take part in the development of Tibetan medicine in Japan,so she intends to teach this all over Japan.

by Fujiko Morita, Coordinator for Japan

Tibetan Medicine, Green Tara, and the Mysterious Ways of Healing
by Christiana Polites

“I thank my patients because they heal me.”
-Dr Nida Chenagtsang

In February of 2015, at the age of seventy-one, Susan Shawn was diagnosed with stage
four kidney cancer. She had felt sick and exhausted for four years, but was told that she was
suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Kidney stones finally brought her to the hospital and
the cancer was discovered. The CT scan showed tumors in both kidneys, cancerous lymph nodes
in between, as well as five lesions in all four lobes of the lungs which were too small to biopsy
or remove. She was told that due to the advanced stage and widespread prevalence of the
cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation were not feasible options and that she had
between two months and two years to live. As a ‘treatment plan’ she was advised to return in
six months for another CT scan and to pursue palliative care.
Susan has had an interest in natural medicine for decades. She first encountered
Tibetan Medicine in the early 1980s when as a licensed massage therapist she attended a
traditional medicine conference in Washington DC. She was seeking other methods to help her
clients dislodge the deeper emotional, psychological, and spiritual holdings that she could
sense in the tissues of their physical bodies. One of the presenters at the conference was Dr
Yeshi Dhonden, the personal physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. When asked to explain
the difference between Western and Tibetan Medicine, he told a story: he described a situation
at a Western medical hospital in which a very sick patient was first run through a gamut of
expensive and invasive tests so that a diagnosis could be determined, leaving her exhausted
and frightened. Dr Dhonden then visited this patient and to her great relief asked if he could
simply sit with her and hold her hand. While holding her hand he of course took her pulses,
spoke with her gently, and inquired about her childhood. After about thirty minutes, the doctor
took his leave, thanking her for her hospitality. He went out into the hallway where the other
medical doctors were gathered and he expressed his findings about her condition in the form of
an elegant poem. At the conference he said that not only had he come up with the identical
diagnosis as the Western doctors without performing any tests at all, but that in simply sitting
with the patient, he had already set the healing process in motion.
After meeting Dr Dhondon Susan realized two things: firstly that she too could sit with
others, listen, and help them to heal (it was this experience that inspired her to study the
Hakomi method, a mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy, and later to train herself as a
‘spiritual director’ to help support others to find their own path). Secondly she decided
unequivocally that if she herself were ever to fall deeply ill, it would be Tibetan Medicine that
she would seek out for treatment. Thirty something years later she did fall deeply ill, but
Tibetan Medicine was nowhere to be found in her city, Portland, OR, and she was too sick and
tired to go traveling elsewhere to seek it out. So she prayed to Green Tara…
In the years that elapsed between her meeting with Dr Yeshi Dhondon and her
diagnosis, Susan had pursued and deepened her connection to the Buddhist path, attending
several programs with HH the Dalai Lama, taking refuge with Sogyal Rinpoche after being
inspired by his book ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying,’ and reading whatever else she could
find about Vajrayana Buddhism. At the young age of thirty four, she was forced into the painful
situation of having to help her even younger partner to pass away by reciting to him the
‘Tibetan Book of the Dead,’ an experience that imbued in her an unshakable faith in life after
death. She cultivated a special connection to Green Tara after directly perceiving the central
figure in an image of the twenty one Taras come fully and vibrantly to life. Years later a friend
brought her a very special Green Tara thangka from Kathmandu. It was to this Tara that during
a particularly dark and frightening moment of coping with her illness that she prayed for
guidance, touching her finger to the palm of Tara’s open hand. She felt the energy of Green
Tara enter through her finger and fill up her entire body and she was told that all would be well.
It would take time, she needed to rest, but all the help she required would be available to her
This was in November, nine months after her diagnosis when I, an inexperienced
student of Tibetan Medicine, received an e-mail from Susan Shawn telling me that after months
of inquiry she had heard about me from a friend of hers (who I have never met) and that she
was seeking support through Tibetan Medicine. My first instinct was to tell her that I was not
qualified (I certainly am not qualified and told her so). My second instinct was to ask Dr Nida
what to do. He told me in his typical remarkably clear and doubtless manner which herbs to
give her and which mantra water to make for her. When I showed up at Susan’s door speaking
of herbal remedies and bearing mantra water, she felt that Green Tara had sent me to her and
rejoiced that Tibetan Medicine had finally come into her life again. She had far outlived the two
months she was told she might have left. A second CT scan had showed no change or growth in
the cancer (to the doctors’ surprise), and she appeared to me not only alive but very well, her
mind and spirit bright and strong. A few weeks later I was hosting Dr Tenzin Yangdon in
Portland so to my great relief, I was able to bring to Susan a ‘real’ Tibetan doctor who could
meet her face face, sit with her, diagnose her in the ways she heard Dr Dhonden describe many
years ago, and provide additional support and treatment.
Three months later, after drinking the mantra water and taking the Tibetan herbs, Susan
went for her third CT scan. The results were mysterious. The primary tumor in the left kidney
was still there, the same size although a different shape. The radiologists could no longer
discern any cancer in the right kidney. The cancer in the lymph nodes also seemed to have
disappeared, and the five lesions in the lungs had not changed (when kidney cancer moves to
the lungs, it is expected to grow and spread like a wildfire). According to this scan, she had
moved from stage four cancer to stage three. The oncologist could not accept this and told her
that it was simply not true — that the cancer was still in the lymph nodes, there had been no
change, and that she still has stage four cancer. A third opinion (and Susan’s and her husband’s
own eyes) confirmed the first radiologist’s reading — there had been without a doubt a real
tangible change. Susan has asked the Western doctors if anyone would like to hear about what
it is that she has been doing, but it seems no one is interested to find out. At about the same
time Dr Tenzin returned to Portland again and talked to Susan in ways that none of these
Western doctors could, encouraging her to trust in her own experience, focus on joy rather than
worry, and reminding her that in the end ‘cancer’ is just a word that describes an imbalance of
the five elements just like ‘stomach ache’. She taught her the Medicine Buddha mantra to add
her daily practice (which Susan has been doing with profound result).
I do not wish to suggest that Tibetan herbs and mantra are are all that Susan has been
doing for her condition. She has done extremely thorough research, and has created a
systematic treatment plan for herself that is truly holistic, engaging every aspect of her body,
speech/energy, and mind. Over the course of this past year she has been recording her story in
the form of a blog in order to share with others her process in an open and transparent way. I
hope many people, doctors and patients alike, will read it and learn from her experience. Every
time I see her I learn something — about life, about death, about sickness, and about health. I
learn about Buddhism (living Buddhism, not Buddhism from a book) and about the resilience of
the human mind and heart. Dr Nida says: “I thank my students because they teach me and I
thank my patients because they heal me.” I thank you Susan because you are teaching me and
you are healing me.
To read Susan Shawn’s blog, Shimmering Grace: Living with a terminal diagnosis of kidney cancer, please visit:


Dear TTM family!

We are happy to announce that Tibetan Health & Education Center Men Ling in Estonia is ready to welcome you to our new specially designed and high quality dark retreat house.  As in Tibetan traditions it is often suggested to combine dark retreat with various preliminary practices (1-5 weeks) our specially designed retreat house can be used in multifunctional way – retreats with natural light and in total darkness with no optical stimulation.

Retreat dome is situated 15 km from closest town Pärnu, outside the village Jõõpre in a quiet house with optimal conditions. It offers a little kitchen – (refrigerator, oven, water heater, kitchen sink, ceramic electric cooker), modern dry toilet, and a double door system for food supply during darkness.

More info here:

Find us also in Facebook:

All the best wishes
Kaido and Silva Soobik
Men Ling


The Traditional Methods and Practices of the Ancient Tradition of Yuthog Nyingthig by Khampa Naldjorpa

The cycle of the Yuthok Nyingthig contains root texts and commentaries related to Yuthog Yönten Gönpo´s spiritual and medical teachings and practices as he considered spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation to be an integral part of every physician’s training

The Methods and Practices of Yuthog Nyingthig - continued from the last issue -

III. The Cycle of the Rituals for Accomplishing Medical Substances
1. The Ornament of Realization of `The Sage Accomplishing Medical Substances´ from The Magnificent Power Of the Victorious Buddhas´ Activities.
2. The Supreme Empowerment `Continuous Stream of Nectar´ from the Yuthog Nyingthig.
3. The Mirror of Wisdom, the Peaceful Fire Offering from Yuthog Nyingthig´s Accomplishing the Master.
4. The Mountain of Virtues, the Increasing Fire Offering from Yuthog Nyingthig´s Accomplishing the Master.
5. The Iron Hook which Summons the Three Realms (of Desire, Form and Formless), the Magnetizing Fire Offering from Yuthog Nyingthig´s Accomplishing the Master.
6. The Blazing Awesome Horse,the Subjugating Fire Offering from Yuthog Nyingthig´s Accomplishing the Master.
7. The Ritual if the Auspicious Wishfullfilling Cow for Consecrating the Three Shrine Objects (of Statues, Scriptures and Stupas).
8. The Sitar of Offering Verses of the Gandharvas of the Adamantine Twelve Goddesses (Vajra Lhamo Chunyi).
9. The Completely Moving Offering Verses of Enlightened Speech for Continuation of the Consecration Rituals.

IV. The Cycle of the Practice Manual for the Practices, such as Accomplishing Medical Substances

1.The Stairway leading to the Three Bodies of the Pure Dimensions – The Complete Instructions of the Method of Following the Practices of The Profound Instructions of the Oral Transmission of the `Exalted Good Qualities´ (Mahasiddha Mahaguna).
2. The Line Drawings of the Tormas of the Yuthog Nyingthig
3. The Source of Good Qualities – Notes and Recitation Manual for the Outer, Inner and Secret Practices of Accomplishing the Master through the Empowering Flow of Energies for `The Sunlight of Compassionate Energy Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering´.
4. The Sea of Symphony, Recitation Manual and Attainment of Accomplishing the Master of Yuthog Nyingthig.
5. The Prophetic Introduction of the Empowering Flow of Accomplishing the Master from the Yuthog Nyingthig.
6. The Empowering Flow of Accomplishing the Master from the Yuthog Nyingthig –



Dear Friends of Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN) and Sowa Rigpa International College (SRIC),
Greetings from Nepal! We are glad to update on our happenings here for the months of January, February and March 2016;
Actually, we are all preparing for our visit to Tallinn, Estonia, to participate in 4th TTM Congress to be held from 01st to 3rd April 2016. We look forward to meeting you all in Tallinn and share more on the happenings in Nepal on sowa rigpa health and education.

From January onwards, we began our initial works on setting up college furniture, sign boards, library room, class room and hostel beds for our potential students, who wish to stay in the college to pursue their studies with residential facilities; Here are some pictures of the initial preparation;



In February, we had a privilege to welcome Dr. Nida, Director-IATTM, to Nepal and inaugurate Sowa Rigpa International College here in Boudha, Kathmandu. With this new development, we hope to establish sowa rigpa health system in Nepal and hope to make it an educational hub for all scholars, practitioners and Doctors. Here are some pictures of the same;



We all thank Dr. Nida and Mr. Eric Rosenbush, who managed to come to Nepal for this special function. We hope to receive more guidance and support in carrying on with this work in Nepal. There was also coverage on one of our daily news paper about this event.


On 23rd March 2016, Lumbini Buddhist University and Sowa Rigpa International College jointly organize one day seminar on the contents of Sowa Rigpa medicines and its syllabus to be used by our college, Sowa Rigpa International College, for its students of Bachelors of Sowa Rigpa Medicines (BSM) degree. It went all very smooth and with some changes, it will be approved by the Council of Advisors from Lumbini Buddhist University. And then we will begin our text book printings.

Here are some pictures of the Seminar day;

Now the college will soon be beginning its advertisements and enrollment programs. College will also have basic staffs from the 1st of April 2016 who will look into daily office business. The Principal and vice principal will attend the college everyday to look after its daily work as well as will work for possible bridge courses prior to beginning its degree courses of BSM from 15th August 2016. The College has now printed its brochures with more information on admission criteria, facilities available and possible courses besides the degree courses in the form of short term courses.

SKIN and SRIC request all its national and international partners to support in making this college a great hub for sowa rigpa medicines in Nepal;
If you want to support, here is our bank address;
Sorig Khang International Nepal
Account No.: 02401030254427
Name of Bank: Nepal Investment Bank, Boudha, Kathmandu
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Report prepared by Raj K. Shrestha/SKIN Chairman/SRIC Management Committee-Member/Kathmandu-Nepal.

Tibetan Rejuvenation Immersion Retreat with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and Robert AF Thurman
23rd June - 29th June, Phoenicia, NY

In this experience-based retreat, participants will be immersed in a customized program designed to heal our bodies, minds and hearts.

Menla's Tibetan Rejuvenation Immersions directly aid the purification and rejuvenation of the body, releasing stress and toxicity, by featuring detoxifying and rejuvenating herbs and foods, as well as meditation practices and therapies based on your individual needs and bodily constitution.

The daily schedule includes introductory teachings and practical instructions on the Tibetan Science of Healing, rejuvenation, breathing and yogic practices.

A special diet includes light meals, juices, and possibly fasting practices, if fasting suits your body and constitution. will be time for group and individual meditations and various therapies that can be received at the Mahasukha Spa.

You will gain specific knowledge and practical techniques you can bring home to use for continued health and healing, regardless of your previous exposure to Tibetan or Buddhist traditions.

Dr Nida Chenagtsang is an internationally renowned healer and practitioner of Tibetan medical science. He is especially known for reviving nearly extinct ancient external therapies, such as Ku Nye massage, cupping, tapping, medicinal herbal baths, and others unique to the Tibetan medical tradition. Those who have taken retreats with Dr. Nida have described their experience as "life-changing". Whether you suffer from a health problem, are a caregiver for someone ill, a professional health practitioner, or simply proactive in your efforts to stay as healthy as possible, this retreat offers a rare opportunity to learn from an authentic Tibetan master.

Open to all levels of experience and interest!

Dr. Nida will lead the entire retreat, with Robert Thurman leading several discussions as a guest speaker.

Facebook event:


Dr. Nida's Chengatsang upcoming teaching tour -

Programme Dates Location Coordinator
TTM Introductory Lecture 03 May Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Anastazja Holecko

Intoroductio to Mantra Healing 04 May Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Anastazja Holecko

Introduction to Yuthok Nyingthik 05 May Darnkow, Poland

Klaudia Bogusz

Dream Anaylsis 06-07 May Darnkow, Poland

Klaudia Bogusz

Dream Yoga 08 May Darnkow, Poland

Klaudia Bogusz

Tummo 10-12 May Tara Temple, Tar, Hungary

Monika Ujvarosi

Chudlen 13-14 May Karmapa House - Budapest, Hungary

Monika Ujvarosi

Please contact the local coordinators for more details and registration for the courses.

Nima Dawa Oil Warmer and Burner
Created and Handmade
by Matteo Lucca
* part proceeds will go towards supporting Sowa Rigpa International College in Nepal


Tibetan Yogis Village Program in Amdo!
Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage

 Education Project Year 2016

Now collecting money to finance high school and university education!

Many students from villages in the Rebkong area have to interrupt their studies after finishing middle school because their family cannot afford paying tuition fees. They would like to become doctor, veterinarian, teacher, or work in the administration so they have a chance to get a job after graduating; they work hard to reach their goal and deserve to be helped.
The Education Project started in 2012 to help them go to high school or university. 

Funds needed for this project: 2 000 RMB / 250 € per high school student; 10 800 RMB / 1350 € per university student. Any amount of money will help and is very much appreciated!

With the money collected in 2015 we helped students we have been supporting over the past years and started to help new ones who are in very critical situations (sick parents who have to choose between medical treatment or sending their children to school, mother or even grandmother who are alone to raise their children…). We were able to help 14 families (a total of 17 students) in 5 different villages:

  • 7 students started university in September last year;
    • This has been a very good year for all students we have been supporting over the past years: they got good results at the very selective Gaokao exam which gives access to the university.
  • 2 students are in year 2 at the university including one who is studying to become a teacher for kids,
  • 1 started to study Tibetan Medicine,
  • 7 are attending high school.

Students and their parents are very grateful to receive help from westerners. Many thanks from Lhamo Tso, Wan’ Ma Tso, Rinchin Drolma, Wende Tso, Dorje Samdrup, Phamo Yak, Dorje Tsertan, Nyan Mo Gyal, Tashi Lhamo, Tarla Djia, Rigdzin Tserang, Zhoumo Tserang, Rinchin Zangmo, Wandaiji, Kardorjie, Nyangmotso and Khadrotso.

To help these students go to school, please contact your local branch or make a secured online donation using your PayPal account or credit card at: “Donation Education” tab (see the link below)

For further information, visit Tibetan Yogis Village Program official website:
Or contact Tashitso, the program coordinator:
Join us on facebook: Tibetan Yogis Villages - Ngakpas of Rebkong


IATTM's homepage on Yuthok Nyingthig - the spirtual practice of Tibetan Medicine is a site on Tibetan Astrology. Check out the Tibetan calendar of the day - the elements present and how it can affect you. You can also see where 'La' protective energy is circulating for the day!

The Sorig Institute is the North American branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM). The Sorig Institute offers certification in Ku Nye Massage and Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). 'Sorig' is the official name of Tibetan Medicine, a combination of the words 'Sowa,' translated as 'healing' or 'nurturing', and 'Rigpa,' or 'awareness.' It is with the guiding principle of 'Healing Awareness' that we promote the lineage of Tibetan Medicine in the West.

The webpage of IATTM in Tibetan:

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