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A quarterly e-newsletter from IATTM    July - September 2015 - Volume 5 Issue 3


The devastating earthquake in Nepal and the Himalayan region has left thousands dead, many more injured, traumatised and without a home. And many sacred shrines and monuments are reduced to rubble. And many communities in the remote villages are struggling to cope with the tragedy.

In a time of great need, "Sorig First Aid" a disaster relief project of IATTM was conceived to serve patients in need of medical aids. Putting our compassion into action, funds were raised from sowa rigpa sangha and TTM students around the world. And in collaboration with Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN) and Kunphen Tibetan Medical Centre, several medical camps were held in Kathmandu as well as in remote villages.

More medical camps are planned for the near future and our teams in Nepal will continue to focus relief effort in immediate healthcare and serve the needs of survivors for medical aids and relief supplies directly.

Perfect happiness is achieved only when we can help others find happiness. Let’s continue to help the people who are still suffering. Our brothers and sisters in Nepal still require your help. You may have already donated money, but I would like you to dig deeper into your pockets and also into your hearts to see how else you can serve. Perfect generosity is not only about giving money; it is giving hope, giving strength and empowering others to do the same.

And in this summer issue of Sorig News, we have plenty of good news to share. Enjoy it and have a happy summer. Tashi delek.

Sorig News Editor
& IATTM International Ku Nye Teacher
Jacqueline Yu



As Hippocrates said:

'Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity".

Through Sorig First Aid, we hope to use the Sowa Rigpa art with compassion to help the earthquake victims and patients at the best possible level. And may Medicine Buddha bless all our patients.
~ Dr.Nida Chenagtsang


In this issue:

4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa 1st to 3rd April 2016 in Estonia


News from Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN) - Preliminary Meeting with Lumbini Buddhist University

Sowa Rigpa International College

Sorig First Aid Report from SKIN - Disaster Relief Project of IATTM

Sorig First Aid Medical Camps in Collaboration with
Kunphen Medical Centre

Nepal Earthquake Relief - Report from Carlos A. Amaya

Autumn Activities in Estonia 2015

The Sorig Materia Medica - Mumio

The Traditional Methods and Practices of the Ancient Tradition of Yuthog Nyingthig - con't

Tibetan Yogis Village's Update

Photo Gallery - IATTM activities held around the world! View our albums here!



Dear Friends of Tibetan Medicine,
We are very happy to share this piece of good news! We have managed to raise the required amount to finalise the setting up of IATTM Foundation, a 100% not-for-profit Foundation based in Germany. We have handed in the paperwork to the authorities and are waiting for necessary legal proceedings to be completed. Emaho!

The creation of the Foundation will bring our work to the next level and support more fully our organizers, teachers, students and practitioners, who are now present in more than 25 countries.
We would like to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to all donors who supported our mission and cause. Thank you for making it all possible.

Yours Sincerely,
IATTM Head Office Team

"May Sowa Rigpa spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings"
~ Yuthok Yonten Gonpo

IATTM Training Schedule
July to September 2015

with Dr.Nida Chenagtsang and IATTM teachers

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Contact local coordinators to register for the courses. Go to:

To arrange a course in your country, email to our international course coordinator, Dr. Tam Nguyen, email:


Or contact local branches to be put on their mailing list for local courses!


Dear all scholars, practitioners and friends of Sowa Rigpa around the world,

Most cordial greetings from the Congress Offices in Tallinn/Estonia and in Innsbruck/Austria.

It gives immense pleasure to announce that the 4th International Congress will be held under the motto "Long Life & Good Health: The 2 Flowers" from April 1-3 2016 in Tallinn/Estonia.

Thanks to the great cooperation and friendship of the International Organizing Team, the preparations have started with happiness and enthusiasm.

We are now in the "transition phase" between 2 Congresses: our heart is still in Nepal,  in close connection with our friends from Sorig Khang International Nepal. The team of SKIN in Nepal is amazing: tireless in organizing "Free Medical Camps'  under the motto "Sorig First Aid“ for people in need after the disaster. Furthermore they are already active in creating the future of Sowa Rigpa in Nepal with the preparations for a "Sowa Rigpa International College' in Kathmandu.
We are very happy and full of gratitude that the Congress in Nepal has empowered these next steps of a group of people with an immense and inspiring potential in working together for the benefit of all. Of course the next Congress in Estonia will have a strong participation from our friends in Nepal.
Our mind is already trying to give a structure to the organization of the next Congress in Estonia after the creative period of brainstorming. What a great work!

In accordance with the valuable experiences that have been made during the 3rd International TTM Congress in Kathmandu/Nepal with participants from 34 different countries, the 4th Congress in Estonia will present outstanding news in the field of research and education, will provide an overview of the unique history & development of Sowa Rigpa and allows a comprehensive and inspiring insight in the actual practice of Tibetan Medicine in Estonia and around the globe. Beyond all these aspects the next Congress will bring together people from around the world to work together for all sentient beings.

Further information and the preliminary schedule will be published in the next Sorig News

Registration starts from 1st October 2015

Motto: "The 2 flowers: Long Life & Good Health"

More Information soon here:  

Inspired by the words of Yuthok Yonten Gonpo (the "father of Tibetan Medicine") the Congress on Traditional Tibetan Medicine-Sowa Rigpa travels around the world, from Kathmandu/Nepal to Tallinn/Estonia:
"My wish is that Tibetan Medicine would spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings." (Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, XII Century)

Be a part of it as you are already... .
You are all most cordially invited to participate.

With all our best wishes from the offices in Austria and Estonia,
Drukmo Gyal (Head of the local organizing team in Estonia), Viivi Käärma (IATTM Coordinator in Estonia) and Jens Tönnemann (IATTM Congress Coordinator)

The International Congress Team of IATTM - (from left) Patrice Richard, Jens Tönnemann, Anastazja Holecko, Raj K. Shrestha, Viivi Käärma, Philippe Gonin, Jacqueline Yu
(absent: Maria Locsei, Anna Grütte and Drukmo Gyal)



5th April 2015: SKIN had preliminary meeting with the Lumbini Buddhist University personnel as part of its continued efforts to seek an affiliation for establishing Sowa Rigpa International College here in Nepal.  Here are the highlights of the program with pictures.

  • Program Chair and Dignitaries requested to be sited on their respective seats on the Dias.
  • Present  Khadas to Dignitaries & Guests on the Dias.
  • Chief Guest asked to light up the Lamp to inaugurate the program.
  • Auspicious Prayer chanted.
  • Welcome Speech by Dr. Tenjing Dharke Gurung (Guge), Vice Chairman of SKIN, Nepal.
  • Short speech by Dr. Lopsang highlighting the importance of Sowa Rigpa
  • Curriculum presentation on Sowa Rigpa College by Dr. Tenzin Lektsok Lama, Kunfen Clinic
  • Speech by Dr. Pitambar Lal Yadav, Registrar, Lumbini Buddhist University
  • Speech by Dr. Bhadra Ratna Bajracharya, DEAN, Lumbini  Buddhist University
  • Presentation on the importance of  Sowa Rigpa in Nepal as well as in International Arena by Dr. Tenjing Dharke Gurung.
  • Question Answer Session (Dr. Tenjing Dharke Gurung, Dr. Tenzin Lektsok Lama,Dr. Lopsang Lama, Dr. Nima Tshering Nepali and Pema Bhuti Sherpa, Treasurer of SKIN will be called to the Dias)
  • Special Comment by Chief Guest, Dr. Naresh Bajracharya, Vice Chancellor of Lumbini University.
  • Vote of Thanks by Raj K. Shrestha and adjournment of the program.
  • All  guests requested to participate for a High Tea at Shechen Guest House.


Greetings from Nepal!
Lumbini Buddhist University has gladly included Sowa Rigpa Medicine in their Course now and is called Bachelors of Sowa Rigpa Medicine (BSM).
Our meeting today (21st June) was fruitful and we have submitted our first application for necessary proceedings of the university with local authorities here in Nepal.
After completing all formalities by the University, we will be given an ‘affiliation’ certificate and then we may start our advertisements to attract more students to get admission in our college.
Name of our college will be Sowa Rigpa International College, unless there is any change suggested by the University authorities.
SKIN will be the main guiding force for this college and there will be a separate Management Committee endorsed by SKIN with many Amchis/Doctors. The Management Committee then will select Prinicipal and necessary professors to teach in the college. Prof Punya Prasad Parajuli will be selected as a Buddhist Philosophy Teachers and there will be two members of SKIN (Raj K. Shrestha and Tenjing Dharke Gurung) in the Management Committee of the College.

Since SKIN together with its international  partner is trying to establish a Sowa Rigpa college in Kathmandu, therefore it is a greater goal for all of us and is now looking for an appropriate house to begin with this project.  SKIN hopes to establish its own library room,  classrooms for the students, workshop etc..

As SKIN is a non-profit association working for the benefit of all, please support this project and our efforts to develop Sowa Rigpa System in Nepal, we appreciate your kind donations.

Here is the Bank details of Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN):
Sorig Khang International Nepal
Account No.: 02401030254427
Name of Bank: Nepal Investment Bank, Boudha, Kathmandu
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Thank you and we look forward to working with our international partners to run this college very soon
Thank you.
Raj K. Shrestha
Chairman, SKIN, Nepal.

From The Sorig Materia Medica



Dragshun - Brag zhun

Rock Pit

This is a mineral medicine known as the Rock Pith. There are five types each based on gold, silver, copper, iron and lead. Mumio is the base of many herbal formulas such as “dragshun 6" or "dragshun 9”

Taste & Potency:  
Preparation: Keep in the cool place
Plant part:  
Form: Pill

Intake pills or drink decoction mid day time

Dosage: For adult 2gm per day, for children 500mg to 1gm
Duration: 21 days

 Inner organ infections, especially in liver
 Blood disorders
 Inflammation
 Energetic or gives bodily energy
 Support immune system

Pure natural resource is very important as in the market there are fake or synthetic products too.


25th April 2015:
A devastating earthquake of Magnitude 7.9 Rector scale jolted the Kathmandu valley having epicenter in Gorkha district. Terrible experience for all of us and there are still some aftershocks, although it has already been over 9 weeks now. Lot of damages caused by this earthquake, especially buildings built at the time of Rana Dynastery and most of the heritage sites built at the time of Malla regime in the country.

Now the people of Nepal together with its Government have lot of work to do in reconstructing and rebuilding using new technologies wherever suitable and keeping the old heritage site with stronger structure keeping the same charm of antiqueness.

Most of the people were busy doing rescue and relief works. It was tremendous loss of lives and properties of the country.
SKIN also supported Sahid Memorial Hospital for the treatment of poor and less privileged orthopedic patients, who came to Hospital aftermath of these earthquakes.

Sorig First Aid Camp on 6th and 7th May 2015 for the people of Rasuwa Districts and locals in Swyambhu area:
After the earthquake on 25th April, whole village of Langtang Village met with an avalanche and many people got killed. Government rescued the villagers to the Yellow Gompa (Namgyal Monastery) in Swyambhu and SKIN organized early morning free herbal health camp for them under the leadership of Dr. Tenjin Dharke Gurung. Total 871 patients were treated in two days and most of the people were diagnosed as follows;
Most of the patients were diagnosed as follows;

  • Patients traumatized by the earthquake, who had problem of proper sleep, fear, high blood pressure and depression – total 320 patients.
  • Injured by the earthquake – total 220 patients.
  • Diarrhea, cough, cold, low pressure –total 200 patients
  • Allergies,  joint pain, sinus –total 60 patients
  • General – 71 patients

Appropriate sorig medicines were given to all patients and provided first aid treatment too.

12th May 2015: Other big aftershocks of Rector Scale 6.9 hit the country again and many houses and monuments, those were still surviving was damaged by these aftershocks.

14th of June 2015:
SKIN Nepal organized one day Sorig First Aid Treatment at Thali Camp today, where more than 459 people were evacuated from Sindhupalchowk District (Liping and Tatopani Border area) and brought to this place. Total 337 patients from Liping and Tatopani area of Sindhupalchowk District have been examined by Two Amchis, Dr. Tenjin Dharke and Dr. Lekshok with other supporting staffs. Patients were infants of 10 Months to elderly people of aged 80 plus!
There will be follow up program at the same place after a week as all patients requested for it and SKIN will organize more such programs in all camps, where people from different districts were evacuated to open space here in Kathmandu valley.

SKIN distributed Sorig herbal medicine for FREE, provided Thang Tea for dispelling contagious disease, nagpo gujor pills, masks and other necessary medicines. Acupuncture treatment was also provided for some patients.
Diagnosis of the patients, who came to Sorig Herbal Medical Camp organized on 13th Jun e2015 under the leadership of Dr. Tenjin Dharke Gurung and Dr. Lekshok, coordinated by Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN);
Most of the patients were diagnosed as follows;

  • Low Blood pressure, stomach/sleep disorder– total 145 patients.
  • Diarrhea, cough, cold  –total 125 patients
  • Heart patients, Depression, Hypertension – total 50 patients
  • Allergies,  joint pain, sinus –total 50 patients
  • General – 17 patients

Appropriate sorig medicines given to all patients and provided first aid treatment too.

SKIN would like to thank the people from Singapore as well as all over the world, who supported us here in Nepal at the time of crisis caused by the devastating earthquake of 25th April and its aftershocks.

Nepal now needs more supports, especially to bring back normal lives of the people affected by these earthquakes and SKIN together with all its international partners, sponsors hopes to provide its helping hands to the people affected as far as possible.

If you want to support, here is our bank address;

Sorig Khang International Nepal
Account No.: 02401030254427
Name of Bank: Nepal Investment Bank, Boudha, Kathmandu
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

~ Report prepared by Raj K. Shrestha/SKIN Chairman/Kathmandu-Nepal ~

Donations to Sorig First Aid can be made via bank transfer to:

Account Name: ATTM (Singapore)
BANK: OCBC (Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited)
BRANCH: Holland Village Branch
ACCOUNT no: 660844010001
Bank Address: 65 Chulia Street Singapore 049513

Or donate via paypal account:

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Sorig Forst Aid Medical Camps
in Collaboration with
Kunphen Medical Centre

June 2015 -
Team Kunphen organized two-day Sorig First Aid Medical treatment at Yolmo village which is located on the foot hill of himalaya, 7 hours drive from Kathmandu City.
Total about 200 patients received diagnosis and Sorig Medical treatment from Dr. Nyima Tsering and Dr. Tenzin Lektsok with four others Kunphen staff.

Common diseases as follow:
rLung disorder due to panic attack...
RA factor
Generalized Edema
Abdominal disorder
Renal disorder
Contagious disease

One day Sorig First Aid Medical treatments to nuns of Bakhang nunnery who are moved to transit camp and treatments to surrounding villagers.
Total about 150 patients received diagnosis and Sorig Medical treatment from Dr. Tashi Pedon and Dr. Nyima Bhuti with two others kunphen staff.

Common disease as follow:
rLung disorder ...
Genital disorders
Stiff thigh syndrome
Contagious disease
Febrile disorders
Retention of flatus
Dislocation of calf muscle
Common Cold
Abdominal Cramps

On 5th May 2015, Team Kunphen led by Dr.Nyima Tsering and Dr. Nyima Sherpa headed to Sindupalchowk, a remote village that was heavily destroyed.

Report from Carlos A. Amaya

Dear friends, hi all! This is Carlos from Spain and I'm writing to explain how in collaboration with Sorig First Aid, myself as nurse and TTM practitioner and Patricia Marimon as traumatological doctor tried to help as much as possible to the earthquake victims and survivors in Nepal.

Since we decided to go, we were able to raise some funds and received support from different people and organizations, Sorig First Aid among them. Finally on May 6th we arrived in Nepal and for one month we helped in hospitals and did expeditions to different places affected by the earthquake. Together with Nepali people and Spanish NGOs, we could help by bringing food, water filters, shelter materials, medical stuff and medicines.

Thanks to the Sorig First Aid's donations we were able to:
- Buy many medicines and give medical treatments, both Tibetan and allopathic to the injured and sick people mainly in remote and affected villages.

-Donate many medicines and medical materials to other teams and NGOs who were working in medical camps in Kathmandu and affected districts around Nepal.

-To help to the lower caste people, the untouchables who are in the most needing situation. We provided shelter materials to a settlement in Kathmandu who were forced to move to another place before the earthquake happened. We did also a medical camp in a Dalit village in Nowakot district, which did not receive any help until we arrived due to their caste condition.

-Finally we were able to go to a very remote village, Lakhampur, in Rameshap District, affected by the earthquake where due to the monsoon they are isolated during 6 months per year due to the very bad state of the roads. So we provided food, did a medical camp and gave medicines to the health post.

We would like to thank Jacqueline Yu who always kindly attended to us, gave us help and provided funds. Thanks to Tashi and Sonam Sherpa brothers, from Himalayan Ray Project, so active, good friends who are always there to help. Thanks to Kunphen Clinic who provided us Tibetan medicines and many helpful advices. Thanks to all collaborators and friends for their efforts. Thanks finally to Dr Nida Chenagtsang for his guidance.

Thanks as well to all collaborators and all the sponsors for your generosity and compassion. Keep doing! ~ Carlos A. Canete Amaya (Spain)



TTM 2.2 Pharmacology with Dr. Arbuzov
Herbal study is a vital topic in Traditional Tibetan Medicine. More than 70% of the pharmacopeia is based on herbs. This study is diffused in the whole program, with basic herbs and formulas being introduced here in a concise way allowing to go into the depth of herbalism, a possibility of transforming all herbals into medicine using.

Time: 17th -22th September 2015
Place:  Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste School, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia

Yuthok Nyingthig Ngondro retreat with Drukmo Gyal
Ngöndro means preliminary practice or Preparation. It is known as the basic yet most profound - like the root of a tree. but more importantly, it is alive GPS for entering Buddhism study. Ngöndro practices are often very demanding with regards to time and effort. Strong dedication is needed to accomplish hundreds of thousands of prostrations, recitations of refuge and bodhicitta, Mandala offerings, etc. However, the Yuthok Nyingthig (Uncommon) Ngöndro takes only seven days, thus sustaining Yuthok’s special blessing as to speed.

Time: 17th -22th September 2015
Place:  Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste School, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia

Ku Nye level 1 with Viivi Käärma
Time: Septermber and October
Place: Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste School, Väluste, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia


Optional Module KN 4.2 Basic Acupuncture with Eric Rosenbush
The optional module KN 4.2 Basic Acupuncture (3 days) deals with:
•   Introduction to acupuncture and its point system
•   Acupuncture techniques
•   Acupuncture of arms and legs

Time: 14th -16th October 2015
Place:  Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste School, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia

TTM 2.1 Diagnosis with Eric Rosenbush
 In Tibetan medicine, there is not only the probably most complex pulse reading system in a healing science, but also a uniquely developed system of urine analysis. This course goes into detail in the study of analysis, pulse, and urine from the Explanatory and Final Tantras. Other aspects of analysis, such as observation of eyes and other sense organs, are included from one of the most clinically used texts, the Somaradza.

Time: 17th -21th October 2015
Place:  Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste School, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia


Yuthok Nyingthig Inner Guru yoga retreat with Drukmo Gyal
Inner Guruyoga -  2 to 8 November, 2015
Place:  Jõõpre, Parnumaa County

Tummo retreat with Drukmo Gyal
Time: 9.-15 November, 2015
Place: Men Ling, Jõõpre, Parnumaa County

Ku Nye level 2 with Anu Rootalu
Time: November/ Décembre/ January
Place: Sorig Khang Estonia, Väluste school, 69704 Viljandi county, Estonia

More information and registration: or

Dr. Nida's Lithuanian TTM tour

Rejuvenation course in Vilnius and lectures 'Mental disease based on Tibetan Medicine' for practicing doctors specialising in the Lithuanian universities and hospitals.

And this July begins first 4 years TTM course in Lithuania.


check out our image gallery above for more photos!

The Traditional Methods and Practices of the Ancient Tradition of Yuthog Nyingthig by Khampa Naldjorpa

The cycle of the Yuthok Nyingthig contains root texts and commentaries related to Yuthog Yönten Gönpo´s spiritual and medical teachings and practices as he considered spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation to be an integral part of every physician’s training

The Methods and Practices of Yuthog Nyingthig - continue from last issue -

2.4. The Cycle of Texts Contained in the Yuthog Nyingthig According to the Rinchen Terdzöd

As already mentioned the cycle of texts contained in the Rinchen Terdzöd collection is made up of ten texts which include the three empowerments, texts six to eight, which are the elaborate root empowerment (rtsa dbang rgyas pa), the condensed meaning empowerment (don dbang ma dor bsdus) and the long-life empowerment (tshe sgrub dbang bskur).

The first text is a version of chapter sixteen (ma) of the practice manual of the Yuthog Nyingthig, The Completely Satisfying Outer Torma-Offering from Yuthog Nyingthig´s Accomplishing the Master, while the second and third texts are manuals for the activity rituals or sadhana-type of practices for the Three Roots and the nine classes of protectors, which are neither contained in the modern edition nor in the block print edition.

Text five is the famous practice commentary by the great 19th century master Jamgön Kongtul Yönten Gyamtso known as The Source of Good Qualities – Notes and Recitation Manual for the Outer, Inner and Secret Practices of Accomplishing the Master through the Empowering Flow of Energies for `The Sunlight of Compassionate Energy Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering´, which is text three of the practice manual of part four while text four is a called supplication prayer or invocation (gsol ‘debs) for these practices: The Sunlight of Compassionate Energy Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering for Accomplishing the Master through the Empowering Flow of Energies.

Text nine is a manual for the recitation of the rituals and practices of the various deities of this cycle. The last and tenth text is a very important teachings originating from the 13th century master Dranti Gyalmye (Brang ti rgyal mnyes), which is called The Oral Transmission of Dranti (Brang ti’i snyan rgyud).

2.5. The Cycle of Texts Contained in the Yuthog Nyingthig Chagpori Block print Edition

We have already seen that the Block print Edition from 1888 produced by the Chagpori Medical College in Lhasa begins with the root texts of Yuthog Yönten Gonpo and Sumtön Yeshe Zung, followed by the texts compiled by Zurkhar Nyamnyi Dorje and Karma Jigme Lodrö Chökyi Senge and finishing with the short work on Chöd composed by Drophen Lingpa from Chagpori, which make up the original practice manual in the enlarged edition at the end of the 19th century. Those texts and their order are identical.

The table of contexts (dkar chags) registers as chapter seventeen (tsa) a text called The Completely Satisfying Outer Torma-Offering known as `Source of All Accomplishments´ from the Sadhana Empowering Flow of the Master `King of Medicine´, the Activity Ritual Condensing the Meaning of Mother and Son, which is the Application of the Medicine Offering and Torma Offering for Swiftly Completing the Two Accumulations (of Merits and Wisdom). However this chapter is followed by two further texts, which I counted as 17.1 (tsa again) and 17.1, without numbering in Tibetan of the modern edition, as well as counting the first text in the Chagpori block print edition as (tsa ‘og) and in general with two separate texts with the titles:

(17.1.) The Activity Ritual of Offering Nectar Medicine for Accomplishing the Master from the Yuthog Nyingthig and

(17.2.) Swiftly Completing the Two Accumulations (of Merits and Wisdom): The Activity Ritual of Torma Offering for Accomplishing the Master from the Yuthog Nyingthig.

Although the second text is clearly identified it is not counted and not shown in the table of contents. The same is true for the text of the secret practice of the wrathful dakini or Tröma with the title The Secret Accomplishment of the Wrathful Lady (khros ma’i gsang sgrub) attached to the text of chapter 14 (pha), and  the text The Condensed Manifest Realization of Awareness´ Five Wisdom Families (rig pa’i ye shes rigs lnga’i mngon rtogs bsdus pa) as text 13.1. after text 13 (pa).

The rest of the collection contains in a slightly different order the same four commentaries and the line drawings of part four above and the first text together with the four ritual fire offerings for accomplishing medical substances of part three, texts three to six.

Frances Garret in her valuable work on The Alchemy of Accomplishing Medicine counts only the first three mentioned texts separately as number 14, 17 and 18 and indicates with a lack of page references for the modern edition of the Ngag Mang Institute that she did not look them up on the pages 342, 360, and 361, while strictly following the outline created by Gene Smith for the TBRC who does not mention these titles. In general her thought follows the line with other Tibetan scholars who state for example in an annotation to the block print that the Yuthog Nyingthig is mainly a `tantric ritual of highest intensity, covering specially the text and mantras for the consecration of Tibetan medicine.´ In this relation the main chapter concerning this consecration or ritual for accomplishing medicine is found on the pages 493-539 under the title The Ornament of Realization of `The Sage Accomplishing Medical Substances´ from The Magnificent Power Of the Victorious Buddhas´ Activities (Rlabs chen rgyal ba'i spyod pa los sman sgrub drang srong dgongs pa'i rgyan).
Some further information on the 19th century editor of the texts is that the compiling `author´ Dharmasenge, also known as Chöd Myön (gCod smyon) or the `Madman from Kham´, Kham Myon (Khams smyon),or elsewhere as Kham Myon Jigdral Chökyi Senge (Khams smyon 'jigs bral chos kyi seng ge), or Kham Myön Dharma Senge (Khams smyon dharma seng ge), was born in Domed Serthar (mdo smad gser thar) in Eastern Tibet or Kham (khams), and entered the monastery Shug Gang Gompa (shug sgang sgom pa) in the same province. He received teachings from many masters and engaged in extensive purification practice. In particular, Dharmasenge received the oral instructions (man ngag) of the practice of Chöd (gcod) from the important lineage holder Gemang Chödpa (dGe mang gcod pa). Dharmasenge followed to practice Chöd at countless cemeteries and holy places including one-hundred and eight springs, and, successfully extirpating the four demons, came to be generally known as Chöd Myön Dharma Senge where Chöd Myön (gcod smyon) means `Mad Chöd Practitioner´. Dharmasenge attained realization through practicing in accordance with the profound and extensive explanations of Dzogchen (rdzogs chen) based on the oral teachings according to the personal experiences by his master Kyabgön Yeshe Gyamtso (sKyabs mgon ye shes rgya mtsho), whose dates are unknown yet, and who was a disciple of the first Dudrubchen Jigme Trinle Özer (rDo grub chen ‘jigs med phrin las ‘od zer, 1745-1821). Kyabgön Yeshe Gyamtso then told Dharmasenge to cultivate his practice helping sentient beings, after which he worked to greatly benefit people and living creatures as practitioner and doctor. He also edited the life story of the great 8th century Dzogchen Master Vairocana, `The Great Image´ (Bai ro ‘dra ‘bag). He is said to have died in 1890 or 1891; that is two years after publishing the Yuthog Nyingthig. Dharmasenge seems to have written many major works, but some of his minor works have been scattered and are currently lost. The great Yogini and Chöd practitioner Shugseb Jetsun Rinpoche, Lochen Chönyi Zangmo (gShugs gseb rje btsun tin po che chos nyid bzang mo, 1835-1953 or 1865-1951) is said to have received teachings from him in Lhasa. In Dharmasenge’s teaching tradition was handed down as an unbroken lineage in Tibet until the country was overrun by the Chinese Red Army. Today, the lineage is still upheld among the refugees in India and in eastern Bhutan.

More on the practices in coming issues of Sorig News! Meanwhile, please visit:



According to Yuthok's teaching, Guru Yoga is the absolute key point to eliminates all disturbing emotions and discovering our inner most transcendental wisdom

In this retreat, we will be doing Yuthok Nyingthig Concise Guru Yoga practice & Chudlen Rejuvenation for full 7 days and 2 days of rest & relax/sightseeing

Retreat Guide: Jacqueline Yu

Pre-requisites: Received transmission from Dr.Nida Chenagtsang and completed Ngondro, Outer Guru Yoga, Inner Guru Yoga and Secret Yoga retreat.  Those who have completed ngondro may participate with obligations to complete outer guru yoga, inner guru yoga and secret guru yoga at a later date.

Date: 10th Nov to 20th Nov 2015 (including arrival/departure dates)
Place: Bali Mountain Retreat, Mount Batukaru, Bali, Indonesia

For full details, please email to:


Introduction to Yuthok Nyingthig

by Dr.Nida Chenagtsang

with Foreword by Robert Thurman

This book was written in order to give an overview of Yuthok's complete Dharma Cycle to both new and experienced practitioners of the Yuthok Nyingthig.
The practice of Yuthok Nyinthig is the most important spiritual practice for physicians and healing practitioners of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Yuthok Nyingthig means 'The Innermost Essence of thr Teaching of Yuthok'.

The practice was composed with the intention of imparting a profound and harmonious understanding to doctors, health and allied health care practitioners alonside dharma practitioners, giving them the opportunity to experience the union of medical practice and spiritual practice. A most essential and subtle perception takes place throughout the body, mind and energy by way of the five elements.

The Yuthog Nyingthig practice brings about spiritual progress, good health and longevity for all those who practice it. It must also be mentioned that it enhances diagnostic and therapeutic abilities for physicians, These aspects of the practice are considered the relative goal.
The ultimate goal of the Yuthok Nyinthig practice is geared towards a spiritual growth whereby the practitioner attains a deeper level of perception and experinece on the way to spiritual awakening. The ultimate goal is treading the spiritual path that leads to the Rainbow Body, the highest aspect of spiriutal realization.

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Tibetan Yogis Village Program in Amdo!
Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage


Education Project
Now collecting money to help disadvantaged children go to school!
Many kids from villages in the Rebkong area have to interrupt their studies because their family cannot afford paying tuition fees. For the 4th consecutive year, we are collecting money to help them go to high school and for a few of them to the university. Cost of high school is 1 800 RMB / 255 € / 290 USD per student per year; cost of the university is 10 800 RMB / 1 530 € / 1 740 USD per student per year.

Any amount of money will help and is very much appreciated!

To participate, please contact your local branch or make a secured online donation using your PayPal account or credit card at: “Donation Education” tab (see the link below)

With the money collected in 2014, we have been able to help 13 students in 5 different villages: two of them are studying computer sciences or mathematics at the university, one is studying to become a teacher for kids and ten are attending high school. All of them are relatives of Ngakpas or Ngakmos who are actively involved in maintaining the tradition at Rigzin Rabpel Ling Ngakpa House.
Students and their parents are very grateful to receive help from westerners. Many thanks from Lhamo Tso, Wan’ Ma Tso, Rinchin Dro ma, Wende Tso, Phamo Yak, Dorje Tsertan, Nyan Mo Gyal, Tashi Lhamo, Tarla Djia, Shorten Skyab, Rigdzin Tserang, Zhoumo Tserang and Rinchin Zangmo.

Cultural Project

Building a Retreat Centre with 8 Meditation Rooms

Local Ngakpas and westerners studying Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Dr Nida are doing retreats in the 3 meditation rooms, with shared solar shower and toilet, which are finished.
5 additional rooms are currently being built. Funds needed to finish building these 5 rooms (excluding yard and garden) are estimated at 57 730 RMB / 8 250 € / 9 300 USD.

For further information, visit Tibetan Yogis Village Program official website:
Or contact Tashitso, the program coordinator:
Join us on facebook: Tibetan Yogis Villages - Ngakpas of Rebkong



IATTM's homepage on Yuthok Nyingthig - the spirtual practice of Tibetan Medicine is a site on Tibetan Astrology. Check out the Tibetan calendar of the day - the elements present and how it can affect you. You can also see where 'La' protective energy is circulating for the day!

The Sorig Institute is the North American branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM). The Sorig Institute offers certification in Ku Nye Massage and Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). 'Sorig' is the official name of Tibetan Medicine, a combination of the words 'Sowa,' translated as 'healing' or 'nurturing', and 'Rigpa,' or 'awareness.' It is with the guiding principle of 'Healing Awareness' that we promote the lineage of Tibetan Medicine in the West.

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About International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM):
The International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM) was established in 2006 in London, UK, with the aim of facilitating the spread of Tibetan Medicine teaching. Today, IATTM operates officially from Germany.
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