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A quarterly e-newsletter from IATTM    April - June 2015 - Volume 5 Issue 2


It was with great sadness that we mourned the passing of a great doctor last month. Dr.Wabe passed away on 5th of March, Chotrul Duchen, the day of Shakyamuni's Great Miracles. And as if by miracle, it was our great fortune to have spent time with him recently in Boudanath during our Sowa Rigpa Congress in Nepal, received the Four Tantra oral transmission from him and for some of us, the great karma to have him with us during our tour to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. I am still remembering with fondness the laughter, wisdom and compassion he shared on our bus journey. Dr. Wabe was one of the last great nomad doctors who carried a long lineage of medicine originating from many great terma revealers of Eastern Tibet and passed through his family for generations. Renowned for his potent secret family formulas, here I would like to pay tribute to a wonderful doctor whose passion for sowa rigpa spanned through the decades. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thujeche, Menpa Wabela

In this spring issue of Sorig News, I bring to you a review of our 3rd International Congress on Sowa Rigpa in Kathmandu, reflections from our retreat participants and more!

Taking a lesson from impermanence, we should value our precious life and all lives. And taking each moment of life to do something good and strive on. Enjoy this season of spring, where flowers bloom.....

Sorig News Editor
& IATTM International Ku Nye Teacher
Jacqueline Yu

In this issue:

Review of our 3rd International Congress on Sowa Rigpa 28th to 30th December 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal

News from Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN)

The Retreat at Cameron Highlands on February 4th to February 8th, 2015 - Thoughts from Yogi Tongnyi Tenzin, Malaysia

Yuthok Nyingthig Ngondro Retreat - Reflections from Fujiko Morita, Japan

Visit to Kunphen medical clinic by Masumi Nakano

SORIG KHANG SPAIN - Casa Sorig Programme Activities for 2015

Se 'bru 5 (Padma Digestin) in Burnout
A case report - an integrative treatment approach, Dr. Cecile Vennos

Invitation to Sponsor for IATTM Foundation

SORIG TOUR - 2015 Summer medical tour

The Sorig Materia Medica - Mirabilis Jalapa

The Traditional Methods and Practices of the Ancient Tradition of Yuthog Nyingthig - con't

Tibetan Yogis Village's Update

'The Purification Voice of Tibet'

Under the request of Dr.Nida, Drukmo Gyal finished making 6 mantra music and 2 traditional Tibetan music, many of them are from Yuthok Nyingthig practice. 
It is an album that suits meditation, external therapies as well as insomnia. 


Message from Drukmo:

Dear IATTM family members,

Super thankful for all those who bought copies of  <<Purification Voice of Tibet>>.
the ones who bought once and sold out can get 10% discount from the second purchase. 

Here is the new prices list with 10% discount
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Here are the prices for those who might want to buy for the first time: 
10 cds = 90 euros
20 cds = 170 euros
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50 cds = 380 euros
100 cds = 750 euros

Your final price should be “price of CDs”  + “posting fee” 

20% of the income will go to, in order to help girls and women in Tibetan areas.
I am trying to sell all cds before I leave for Amdo in July, so I will have this 20% to realize some of the Dakini projects.
When i get back in late September, I will announce how much money was used on what project and the pictures of the progress.

80% of the income will be invested to make “Mantra healing level 1” Album. 
This is already in progress but I need time to collect ancient melodies from Tibet and make new melodies as well. 
If you have any suggestions on this topic, you are welcome to write me. 

We really appreciate your help by buying our CDs and please send us your posting address by email or FB.

Sample music webpage:
Facebook: Drukmo Gyal Dakini


IATTM Training Schedule
April to June 2015

with Dr.Nida Chenagtsang and IATTM teachers

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Review from the 3rd International Congress on Sowa Rigpa – Traditional Tibetan Medicine
28-30 Dec 2014, Shechen Monastery Kathmandu (Nepal)

"The annual International Congress is a great contribution for the further development, the preservation and propagation of Traditional Tibetan Medicine in the East and West.“ (Dr. Nida Chenagtsang)

"The 3rd International Congress on Sowa Rigpa held in Shechen Monastery, Kathmandu Nepal from 28th to 30th December 2014, was a great success with 34 countries coming together, sharing knowledge and unity in spirit." (Jacqueline Yu/“The Sorig News“ 1/2015)

The following review of the 3rd International Congress includes a brief introduction of all speakers and a summary of all congress presentations in the chronological order of the Congress schedule.
The slides of the presentations, texts as well as sound recordings of the latest and all 3 previous TTM Congresses can be found at the following website:

With the opening ceremony and the warm welcome of the Head of the Local Organizing Team in Nepal, Raj Kumar Shrestha, and the inviting brief introduction to the Congress schedule by the International Coordinator of this Congress, Dr. Jens Toennemann, 3 comprehensive days of interdisciplinarity and friendship with more than 30 presentations, moderated panel discussions and workshops were inaugurated.

During the opening lectures the guests of honor have sent encouraging signals of openness and clarity towards a further exchange and cooperation,  side by side, working for the same goal from different perspectives: to preserve and develop Traditional Tibetan Medicine for the benefit of all sentient beings.
"We are one family" (Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Medical Director of the IATTM, Congress President)
"Wherever possible, we must work on a common ground. Where there are differences, we need to respect the views, and not necessarily adopt the views and lose sight of one’s primary objectives." (Mr. Tashi Tsering Phuri, Director of Men-Tsee-Khand, Dharamsala/India).

The opening speech of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, the Congress President and Medical Director of the IATTM,  was a first lasting highlight and a great motivation for the Congress days. After his comprehensive overview on the history of Sowa Rigpa in the past, the presentation of outstanding current developments in the presence, he introduced his vision for the future: Sowa Rigpa as a globally networked complex healing system on an international university level with access and benefit for all.

Dr. Sherab Tenzin, the Director and founder of Pure Vision Healing & Research Center, Advisor of SKIN and the Local Medical Chairman of the Congress, opened the Congress with his ideas to create a further process of "Sharing knowledge". His openness and creative contributions to the Congress, the sensitive guiding of the spiritual practices and the joint daily morning practice, were most important to make this huge event possible and to create an atmosphere of inspiring wellbeing for the participants of 34 different countries.

Mr. Tashi Tsering Phuri, who is for the 2nd time (first period: 1994-1997) the Director of Men-Tsee-Khang, Dharamsala/India emphasized the "Growing interest for Traditional Tibetan Medicine and how different groups and individuals can play more effective roles". Here are some key passages of his most important speech: "A congress like this opens up different avenues. Wherever possible, we must work on a common ground. Where there are differences, we need to respect the views, and not necessarily adopt the views and lose sight of one’s primary objectives. Since the word “Tibet” and “Tibetan” are sensitive, some workings words like “Himalayan Medicine” and/or “Sowa Rigpa” are good to get the work done. So, knowing the truth and presenting the truth diplomatically is needed at this time. Actually, the word Sowa Rigpa does not mean Tibetan medicine. We are just designating it for political reasons."                           At the end of his significant lecture he quoted His Holiness the Dalai Lama:  “Mankind needs a healthy mind and a healthy body. And, in both the areas, we Tibetans can contribute substantially, although we ourselves live as refugees."

Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa, the Director of Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute in Darjeeling/India met the Congress Motto "Sharing Knowledge" with great openness, joy and profound wisdom. In a free lecture he shared "The Teachings and Legacy of Trogawa Rinpoche", his highly esteemed teacher who was one of the most respected senior practitioners of Tibetan medicine of our present time. "With his passing away in 2005, not only has one of the last teachers of the original Chagpori lineage left us, but also a teacher who was a wonderful example of simplicity and compassion. May his wisdom mind continue in us." We are looking forward to a future presentation of Dr. Teinlay P. Trogawa and a continuation of this process of sharing these precious teachings.

Dr.Karma Gaylek, the Chief Program Officer of the Department of Traditional Medicine Services in Bhutan, who came to the Congress together with his colleagues, all Sowa Rigpa experts from Bhutan,  presented the "Traditional Medicine System of Bhutan".
In his inspiring presentation he pointed out possible options of recognition and a very promising approach in Bhutan with high clarity to allow all people access to Traditional Medicine and to work for the highest possible level of its implementation at the same time.
We are looking forward to further presentations of projects from Bhutan in order to encourage other countries by showing that best possible solutions to finding a balance between time-tested knowledge and modern scientific persepectives on the highest level are possible.

In a comprehensive interactive afternoon-workshop 3 experienced and esteemed Ku Nye experts from different countries allowed fascinating insights in the work with the rich variety of external therapies in TTM: Jacqueline Yu (Singapore), Pema Bhuti Sherpa (Nepal) and her great team of "Pure Vision Sorig" and Anu Rootalu (Estonia).

Anu Rootalu, International IATTM Ku Nye teacher from Estonia,  presented the very motivating results of her research made in Estonia in 2005: "TREATING WOMEN DURING PREGNANCY AND AFTER DELIVERY WITH TTM METHODS".
Jacqueline Yu is an IATTM International Ku Nye Teacher, IATTM`s coordinator for Asia & Australia from ATTM Singapore and she is the editor of "The Sorig News", the quarterly Newsletter of the IATTM. In her presentation of Point Work in Ku Nye she emphasized that Ku Nye performed on the points and channels has important therapeutic effects. 
Pema Bhuti Sherpa, the head of the external therapies department of "Pure Vision Healing & Research Center" in Kathmandu/Nepal and treasurer of SKIN gave an excellent presentation of a Ku Nye- treatment process.
It was amazing to experience different approaches and perspectives from the 3 experts and this type of a "cooperative presentation" should definitely be continued.

In between the lectures and workshops, Sowa Rigpa experts from various countries were invited to participate in moderated panel discussions. It was the idea to create an interactive process with the possibility for metareflections, conclusions and concrete suggestions for current projects.
Significant topics were discussed and steps of implementation could be encouraged:
eg. the future international designation: TTM, Sowa Rigpa or "Healing Knowledge of Himalayan Medicine". The Congress-title will for the present remain unchanged: "Sowa Rigpa / Traditional Tibetan Medicine".

There was a great variety of information material on TTM at the stalls in the "Meeting Area“ and diverse presentations allowed perspectives on encouraging nepalese start-up-projects of Sorig, agriculture and arts. Rajesh Shakya, a spiritual artist from Patan and member of SKIN, had a very informative and inviting presentation on „Buddhist Art and Sorig“ and suggested a further cooperation.
The live musical setting of the silent film classic „Grass“ with which the two amazing musicians Patrick Kessler and Sven Bösiger from Switzerland were touring in Nepal, has offered an opportunity for a change of perspective. The mindful implementation of the musician duo provided a look at timeless and current topics that arise in the context of the Congress: nomadic life, interrelatedness with nature, loss and fragmentation of living space, expulsion and flight.

Dr. Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda´s presentation (she is the Co-Director of a Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Clinic in Boulder/USA) was a great inspiration -not only- for practitioners of Tibetan Medicine in western countries. While reflecting the current situation of "Tibetan Medicine in the USA" with existing issues and challenges, she gave at the same time a deep insight into the work in her clinic and the roles of an Amchi in the USA.

Dr. Florian Ploberger´s speech was an engrossing invitation for all participants who work with TTM to focus on the "ethical conduct of a physician". Dr. Ploberger, a Medical Doctor in Austria,  is responsible for the great work of the official translation of the rGyud-bZhi into German. The practical implementation of the ideas of his lecture on ethic were thoroughly noticeable during the Congress days.

Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang is the Deputy Head of the Materia Medica Department of Men-Tsee-Khang in Dharamsala/India. In his very comprehensive presentation of "Biodiversity Conservation Strategies for Tibetan Medical Plants and Himalayan Herbs" he focused from the very special situation of the different types of vegetation in Tibet towards a meta-level and encouraged a global ecological perspective to implement sustainable conservation and cultivation strategies.

Prof. Tetsu Nagasawa from Kyoto Bunkyo University reflected in his fascinating and sweeping presentation directly after the joint morning meditation the "Neuroscience of Meditation": from the "neurochemical self" to "self transformation" with regard to "the future of our planet" and steps "towards a sustainable and happy society" in the 22nd Century. It was the wish of all present for a continuation with Prof. Nagasawa at the next Congress in Estonia.
Patrice Richard, IATTM teacher of Chutag from France, found unexpected and surprising approaches to the topic and "New perspectives on Urine Analysis".  In his exciting presentation he specifies concrete proposals for a "modern tibetan Urine Analysis" and we would be pleased to present his results during further Congresses.

Dr. Cécile Vennos is Head of Regulatory and Mecical Scientific Affairs of Padma Inc./Switzerland. In her comprehensive lecture on "Tibetan Herbal formulas from the perspective of Western Medicine" she presented approaches to bridge the gap between time tested and evidence based Medicine, either on a scientific level of research or during the process of manufactoring at Padma Inc. from raw material to a finished product, with regard to meet the highest required national and international  standards, which is of course an important future goal for other producers of herbal medicines in the field of Sowa Rigpa around the world. 

In her captivating presentation,  Dr. Tam Nguyen, the IATTM Managing Director and M.D. from Switzerland,  reflects different levels of access to knowledge and on a meta-level she points out how "Modern And Traditional knowledge" is enriching each other: side by side, in cooperation. In an inspiring scientific way she expressed what was taking place at the same moment at the Congress.

Viivi Käärma, IATTM coordinator and Ku Nye teacher in Estonia, had the immense pleasure to announce that the 4th International Congress will be held under the motto "Long Life & Good Health: The 2 Flowers" from April 1-3 2016 in Tallinn/Estonia and she invited all participants to Estonia. In her country presentation she introduced Estonia as a fascinating modern and traditional host country in close touch to the nature with great interest in Tibetan Medicine and with a variety of competence centers and an inspiring collective of experts.

Dr. Tenjin Dharke Gurung, the Director of Phende Sorig Medical Center/Nepal, President of HGO and Vice Chairman of SKIN, gave an excellent overview of the situation of Sowa Rigpa in Nepal: very precise, encouraging, optimistic and full of appreciation for his colleagues in the various regions. He presents Sowa Rigpa as an essential part of the nepalese healthcare system with great potential for the future.

Eric Rosenbush (Head of Sorig Institute/USA and an International teacher of the IATTM) shared a comprehensive and complex presentation of "Interconnections in Himalayan Medical Traditions" with a comparison of different interconnecting perspectives in the Past, outstanding news and developments in the present and an inspiring vision for the future, both on a general and on a personal level of development, with regard to some specific projects in this context he personnally enriched with his ambitious work.

Dr. Alexandr Arbuzov, M.D. and a highly esteemed International teacher of the IATTM, presented his work as Managing Editor of  the Drangsong Group (Project).  He gave an comprehensive overview of important textwork that needs to be done in the near future with the most important Tibetan Medical texts and suggestions for the implementation: the process of translation and redaction (editing). He mentioned possible mistakes and shared his ideas to improve them:
"In general we need to translate about 50-70 Sowa Rigpa texts from Tibetan to local languages to transmit most of TTM textual tradition to other countries."

Dr. Wabe from Amdo/Tibet received the first "IATTM Academic Award" for his outstanding and continuous work as a doctor, researcher and teacher.
"I am just an ordinary Tibetan doctor. I feel I should not have received this award, but the international doctors have decided so with appreciation for my age and  the knowledge I am holding from my masters."
Together with Dr. Machik from Malho Hospital in Amdo he shared the complete reading transmission of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tantra in one day, an extraordinary and unforgettable gift to all participants.
Dr. Machik from Mahlo Hospital/Amdo guided a fascinating interactive "Herbal Tour to Amdo" with a collection of photos from his work and expeditions as an expert herbalist.

The Congress Coordinating Team was pleased to welcome members of the HAA (Himalayan Amchi Association) during the Congress days and to invite them to participate in the moderated panels: Dr. Tsewang Gyurme Gurung is the current secretary.
His father, Dr. Tshampa Ngawang Gurung is the founder of Himalayan Amchi Association (HAA) and Amchi Namgyal Rinpoche is the current president of the HAA.

Prof. Punya Prasad Parajuli, Associate Professor of Himalayan Buddhism at Lumbini Buddhist University/Nepal and executive Member of SKIN, leads in his great and wise presentation directly to the level of actual implementation. Sowa Rigpa as a complex medical system is an essential and very important part for the future of the nepalese healthcare system and needs a recognition at university level.

Philippe Gonin, international IATTM teacher for Yuk Chö/Stick Therapy, from France, presented Yuk Chö, the Tibetan Stick Therapy, as a unique and re-discovered external therapy: after a comprehensive theoretical introduction he perfectly guided a 2-day practical workshop with a focus  on a new, very minimalist but very effective method with two small sticks. He will be invited to teach this effective method in various IATTM countries in the future.

The IATTM-meetings (expertly guided and sensitively structured by Dr. Tam Nguyen/IATTM Acting Director) offered a great opportunity to experience the IATTM as a networked & mutually enriching international organization with immense potential and presence in more than 25 countries. The next great projetc is to "bring our work to the next level" with the implementation of the IATTM Foundation. This non profit organization is to be contributing to the preservation and propagation of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM).

Full of gratitude for all the wonderful encounters, the participants created the "Conclusion & Outlook" and a wonderful and emotional Closing Ceremony of the Congress Days in Kathmandu.
More than 100 particpants took part in the Follow-Up-Program after the Congress days: precious spiritual teachings with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, great insights in the work of TTM experts in Kathmandu during guided "Visits of the Clinics around Boudha", spontaneous teachings with senior doctors and a wonderful joint western new year´s celebration.

It gives immense pleasure to announce that the 4th International Congress will be held under the motto "Long Life & Good Health: The 2 Flowers" from April 1-3 2016 in Tallinn/Estonia.
Furthermore, I´m very pleased to mention that the Congress will move again to Kathmandu / Nepal in 2017 to deepen the started process of "Sharing Knowledge".
A cordial invitation to all of you. You are very welcome to create these next Congresses together with the teams in Estonia and in Nepal.
Be a part of it as you are already… .

On behalf of the International Organizing Team I would like to add that it´s our intention to expand the documentation of the Congress to provide more information material for the support of the work of all TTM practitioners around the world.

The International Congress Team is growing with the annual Congress and I am looking forward with great anticipation to working together for the Congress with a group of experts who have already done so much great work within the IATTM and the context of Tibetan Medicine. A warm welcome to the Congress Team to Dr. Maria Locsei (Australia), Anna Grütte (Germany), Dr. Anastazja Holecko (Czech Republic, Poland), Jacqueline Yu (Singapore), Patrice Richard (France), Viivi Käärma (Estonia), Philippe Gonin (France) and Raj Kumar Shrestha (Nepal).
Many thanks to Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, the source of our inspiration, with his tireless efforts to make all this possible.

Full of gratitude for all the wonderful and inspiring encounters with Sowa Rigpa practitioners and friends from all over the world: 
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jens Tönnemann
Board Certified Psychiatrist in Austria and President of ATTM Austria

Dr. Jens Tönnemann (IATTM Congress Coordinator) &
Raj Kumar Shrestha (Head of the Organizing Team in Kathmandu)

4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa – 
Traditional Tibetan Medicine 
1-3 April 2016
Tallinn (Estonia)

Main Theme:
2 Flowers: Long Life & Good Health

Registration: starts from 1st October 2015

March 18, 2015

Dear Friends of Sorig Khang International Nepal (SKIN);
We would like to inform you all that SKIN has set up an office cum Sorig Library in Boudha and organized a soft opening of the same on the 14th of March 2015, an auspicious day as per Tibetan calendar.  We thank Dr. Nida for choosing this date for us and sending precious voice message congratulating this opening ceremony.
Here are some pictures of the program;

SKIN has now a contact place for any national and international visitors, scholars, students of Sowa Rigpa and all those interested with Sorig system can now visit this library to find more knowledge on Sorig system.   We are still looking for more books to be included in this library and you are welcome to sponsor for more books or donate books of sorig contents.
Location of the Library: Boudha-6 (at the northern side of Boudhnath Stupa).

On 30th of March 2015, Ms. Jacqueline Yu taught ‘traditional Tibetan Healing Yoga’, Ne-Jang practice at this venue and was well attended. It is a half day program which started at 9am in the morning. Since Ms. Jacqueline Yu was in Kathmandu, she offered this course as a fund raising program for SKIN.

Notice about Yuthok & Shanglon Statues from TTM Malaysia

Tashi Delek, Sorig Family

When the statues were made available recently, our hearts were filled with tremendous joy. At that instant, our mind was sharing this joy with practitioners who had wanted a mandala of the Deity in their shrine room especially, the representation of their body, speech and mind. For this reason, the price mentioned was not marked up, and total cost to produce depended on the quantity. 

The exquisite craftsmanship of these statues took our friends and their company nearly three years. Producing these small statues is not their business, they did it out of love and respect for Dr. Nida. If not for genla guidance, spiritual support and gurus blessings, the idea was given up two years ago.

Anyway, we write to let you know that once the present order is wrapped up, (deadline is April 15th, 2015) cost for future orders are as follows: - Yuthok (USD330.00) Shanglon (USD280.00). This price quoted includes the consecration ingredients.  The ingredients can be supplied separately if so required. Delivery is minimum 6 months upon receipt of order.

We do understand why centres are unable to keep stocks of the statues. For this reason, if the centres or coordinators decide to purchase the items, we will share our rebate of 10% and give away 5%.  Otherwise, we hope the coordinators will help pass the news to their members and friends, before the deadline; April 15th, 2015. Future production of the next batch may not even happen.  

Details of sponsorship required for each order of respective IATTM centre;

1. Type of statue: - Yuthok, Peaceful or/and Wrathful Shanglon
2. Quantity Required each 
3. Consecration materials: to place in the statue or Not to place in the statue
4. Full Shipping Address
5. Contact Person particulars: name, email, mobile, which IATTM Centre
"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting” - Buddha Shakyamuni -
With Blessings,
Yogi Tenzin

* For more information and orders, please email to Allyssa Yap, email


Peaceful Shanglon

Wrathful Shanglon



Early Registration dateline is 15th April!

Sorigtour has to provide the final name list to the local Tourist Administration in order to send official invitation letters, please contact us if you are still interested in joining us! You may complete early registration before the 15th of April.But we need your name and email address first!

TTM group is getting larger in a stable pace, Sorig tour has started since 2006.
We gathered all of our experiences during the past years to understand the needs of international doctors, 
therapists and TTM practitioners and better organizing this summer tour based on 
Traditional Tibetan Medicine practice as well as Tibetan spirituality and culture. 
Here is our contacts:

Summer Tour 2014

The Retreat at Cameron Highlands on February 4th to February 8th, 2015 - Thoughts from Yogi Tongnyi Tenzin, Malaysia

Protectors Manifest Their Presence

Students raising their hands enthusiastically in response
to a Question

The Group from 9 countries with Gen Nidala

Though lots of obstacles and challenges appeared during the arrangement of this event, we were able to overcome them with the blessings of divinity. In between the programs, the inner Guru Yoga Teaching was spontaneously transmitted on the request of the students. During the meditation, the presence of Guru Yuthok, and protectors were felt. At that instant, my consciousness was attracted to the Shrine area.
Lo and behold, the sight was awesome. (Please refer to picture “protector Manifests”) This has not happen before in other retreats. Rays of light appeared from the centre of the Protector Thangka, indicating their presence in approval and blessings on the recently created statues; - the answer to our prayers, as to whether it was done proper. It is a powerful message and indeed an incredible gift of strengthening my belief and trust in the Shanglon practice.
Immediately, I snatched the smartphone besides me. By the time I got to the camera program, the rays were fading. However with divine blessings, we still manage to capture a part of the happening. Unfortunately, the rainbow of color lights was missed.
From the start of the retreat, our prayers and petitions to Medicine Buddha, Guru Yuthok, and Protector Shanglon was felt during the classes. Insights on the Yuthok Nyingthig teachings were revealed. In addition, I was blessed to experience bliss during the meditative states.
The other gifts received were the importance of appreciating our precious human body. To consciously and subconsciously transform through the Yuthok Nyingthig retreat to keep Healthy and Fit. To continue to accumulate merits, magnetize abundance, and through the practice of transformation, attain the Rainbow body. If not, at the least, reduce our sufferings and pain and achieve happiness in our present state of mind.
Our thanks to all who had courageously signed up and took the steps to attend the retreat; -- you gave us hope that there are still many willing to transform for the better, to find our Buddha nature and bring out our Unconditional Love and Compassion. You have touched and inspired me to work harder to serve you and fellow sentient beings in the Dharma. Thank you.
Yogi Tongnyi Tenzin


From The Sorig Materia Medica


Mirabilis jalapa

Batroo – ba spru

Four o'clock

It is one of the “five roots plant”. Original one is Mirabilis Himalayaca. Used in rejuvenation and energetic herbal formulas.

Taste & Potency  
Preparation Collected in fall, washed & dry in a cool place
Plant part: Root
Form: Powder and Oil

Intake with tea, decoction, or mix with others as the “five roots” oil external use.

Dosage: 2gm per day
Duration: 21 days

 Tonic of Physical Body
 Mental Concentration
 Joint pain and Injury
 Rheumatism
 Skin disorders

Overdose can cause toxicity

Yuthok Nyingthig Ngondro Retreat - Reflections from Fujiko Morita, Japan

Yuthok Nyingthig  Ngondro  Retreat  is  awakening the potentials within us

My daughters and I were very excited to start with this retreat, so I was reading Tibetan Art of Good Karma and Path of rainbow body to get prepared for the retreat. Although we had done several retreats after having taken part in the Mantra Healing level 1 and 2 courses, but the longest retreat lasted only 3 days and not one whole week!
As we were not able to go outside for any walks or shopping for one week, we were very anxious to not forget anything for our coming meals.
We were preparing some bone soup ,of course without meat or fish, vegetables, cooked apples as dessert, Japanese pickles etc ,so we did not have to cook too much during the retreat. I also baked two big handmade breads, cut them into pieces and refrigerated part of them so we had almost fresh bread every morning. I only had to cook the daily rice for lunch and dinner once a day.
One gets quite hungry during a retreat I have found out.
Now when we started the retreat the first day some parts of the mantras were a bit unusual in their pronounciations , so it was not so easy, and we couldn`t say it smoothly, although we had done some practices before, but with others we had no difficulties and it went on smoothly. There was a morning and afternoon session. During both sessions we could have our meals, having a nap or just reading some texts conc. Kunye or other teachings. We were allowed to talk to each other, but  it’s better to not talk too much for not loosing once good energy. In the evening after dinner we were again discussing TTM materials we had learnt before.
In the evening of the first day we were quite tired and went to bed very early, without getting up too early next morning. Of course during the retreat we were not allowed to watch TV (what a relief not having to listen to all these talkative people on TV) neither computer, just nothing. The only thing we missed was not being able to have a walk when the sun was shining, on a rainy or snowy day we didn`t mind at all.
Now the second day was still tiring, but from the third day onwards  it became a pleasure to do this retreat .All the pronounciations went  also smoothly and we also started to remember some of the mantras, so we didn`t  have to look at the text anymore.
My girls had to do 108 prostrations  twice a day, so during lunch break and in the evening they  gave each other a professional Kunye massage to get fit for the next day again. I was not in a position to do any prostrations, so I did them in my mind, thanks to this I felt as if I had also done the prostrations myself.
One feels very happy during this retreat so from the 4th day on we slowly  felt a bit unhappy, because we were nearing the end of the retreat.
When you have the book Tibetan Art of Good Karma then you can always check what the meaning of your dream is during or after the retreat, which is very useful and gives you a clue what kind of progress you are doing.
Anyway we felt that this retreat had been awakening  our  potentials within us. One shouldn`t write about the results of the retreat, so I don`t do it, but anybody who has the chance to take part in this retreat should do it, not only for oneself but also for others, animal patients and other living beings in the different realms, for the nature etc.  Have a try ,you won`t regret it.
We really can recommend you this retreat from the bottom of our hearts.
Dr Nida also writes in his book Good Karma, that his life has changed thanks to this practice. Now we know very well what he meant with this, although we are not in the same level as Genla.

Have a try, you won`t regret it

A Visit to Kunphen Clinic in Masumi Nakano

On March 24th, I had the very great fortune to visit the kunphen Clinic in Kathmandu. Kunphen Clinic is quite famous in Kathmandu Valley, and when I arrived there at 1:45pm, that is, 15 minutes before the start of the afternoon consultation hour, there were already more than 20 patients waiting. Among them were several Tibetan nuns who had travelled by bus for 3 hours, some Nepali people from the villages and neighbourhood. The main reason for their coming was the easy availability in terms of money, as the consultation is free according to the Tibetan medical tradition.

My consultation started at 3pm. My doctor on that day was Dr. Tshering Nyima, a very sweet gentleman who seemed to me of the nature of Beken (phlegm). After listening to my symptoms, he focused on the pulse diagnosis. Specifically he took much time on checking the pulse of rLung and Tripa. I was strucked by awe, when he mentioned about other possible symptoms he thought I had, such as weak digestion, pain in the right Lumbar, and cold kidney, by just reading the pulse! After receiving advice on diet and prescription for medicine, I proceeded to ask him about the purging therapies in Tibetan medicine. The consultation finished after 20 minutes, and I was happy I could buy more than 10 different medicines, each for 3 months, at the Kunphen pharmacy. [ more pictures ]


Facing the imminent loss of Tibetan culture, philosophy, literature, science and religion, the Foundation is to be contributing to the preservation and propagation of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). In particular, the continuity of the holistic Tibetan healing sciences in their theory and their practice, as well as in their philosophy, and in its closely connected spirituality as a complete system in the Yuthok Nyingthig Transmission Lineage, is to be protected. 

Invitation to sponsor the IATTM Foundation

Dear Friends of Tibetan Medicine,

The International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine seeks your generous sponsorship to help us set up a 100% not for profit Foundation. To be based in Germany, the creation of the Foundation will bring our work to the next level and support more fully our organizers, teachers, students and practitioners, who are now present in more than 25 countries.

Many of you know that since 1998, I have spent most of my time travelling to teach anyone interested in learning or promoting Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) and Yuthok Nyingthig, its spiritual practice. As a result our centers now offer teachers in many European countries, Asia, Australia, Russia and the USA and offer courses as well as provide treatment in various aspects of TTM.
However, the rapid growth of IATTM centers worldwide and the increasing number of people interested in TTM has made it urgent and necessary for us to set up a Foundation to expand our work.
Therefore we seek your kind and generous donations to assist us to realize the sum of 100,000 Euros required for a Charity Foundation. In this, we are very much heartened that even before our appeal for donations has begun, a very generous donor has come forward with 20,000 Euros. After intensive talks various generous donors have granted further funds. Therefore we are now only 40,000 Euros away from our goal.

We guarantee to all our donors that the 100,000 Euros collected will be required by law to stay within the legal statutes of the Foundation. We are allowed to use these funds in any kind of stable investment such properties or materials. As a charity Foundation however, we will then be able to raise funds for our work and support IATTM centers worldwide such as the hiring and paying of IATTM teachers and organizers.
We are indeed very appreciative to anyone who would support our mission and cause, that "Tibetan Medicine would spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings" - words from our founder Yuthok Yonten Gonpo (12th century).
The presence of so many IATTM centers is a heartfelt affirmation for us but we do need your support to create a stable base for growth. We view our work as important, providing a much needed holistic complement to Modern Medicine.
From a spiritual tradition in Tibetan Buddhism, our medical approach although equally diagnostic, considers illness from a mind, body and spiritual perspective. We invite you therefore to support us in our important mission to help all people, regardless of race or religion.

Thank you once again for your kind support to our cause. We will inform all our generous donors once we have achieved our goal of collecting 100,000 Euros to set up IATTM Foundation.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang
Medical Director
IATTM Foundation

Please donate to:
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May Sowa Rigpa spread like the infinite expanse of the sky in order to benefit all sentient beings

SORIG KHANG - CASA SORIG Programme of Activities for 2015

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Se 'bru 5 (Padma Digestin) in Burnout
A case report - an integrative treatment approach
Dr. Cecile Vennos

Burnout syndrome is not a medically-defined diagnosis. Nevertheless, it seems to be an ever-increasing problem in the West. The state of burnout is usually caused by stress, mostly due to demanding work situations, resulting in physical and emotional exhaustion.
The treatment of burnout, as it is applied in the increasing number of specialized burnout clinics and institutions, focuses primarily on two factors. The first focus is on organizational aspects with the aim of reducing the stress level. Secondly it concentrates on individual characteristics and capabilities of the patient, especially on their ability to cope with stress. This may include different kinds of psychotherapy, psycho-pharmaceuticals and relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathing techniques or external therapies such as massage, or dietary advice. A third factor, which is sometimes neglected in standard burnout therapy, is the treatment of physical complaints..... READ MORE ON THIS ARTICLE

*This article was originally featured in our TTM Journal Issue 5


The Traditional Methods and Practices of the Ancient Tradition of Yuthog Nyingthig by Khampa Naldjorpa

The cycle of the Yuthok Nyingthig contains root texts and commentaries related to Yuthog Yönten Gönpo´s spiritual and medical teachings and practices as he considered spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation to be an integral part of every physician’s training

The Methods and Practices of Yuthog Nyingthig - continue from last issue -

The four main parts or categories of the collected texts, preceded by the table of contents, are entitled:

I. A Brief Introduction to Yuthog Nyingthig.
II. The Cycle of the Various Activity Rituals.
III. The Cycle of the Rituals for Accomplishing Medical Substances.
IV. The Cycle of the Practice Manual for the Practices, such as Accomplishing Medical Substances.

The fourth category of the collected texts is the most important part for the personal medical and spiritual development of the individual practitioner and can be regarded as a collection of the detailed commentaries on the practice and therefore as practice manuals for attaining complete realization. The main contents have been already described briefly and some additional details can be gained from studying its structure. There are six major texts and from those the last one contains the original root texts and codified oral instructions divided into forty-six individual chapters with fifty texts dealing with the various practices. Counting the pages of the five preceding texts, which are mainly commentaries for individual practice we find that there are fifty practice and root texts, four commentaries and one instruction on tormas in 215 pages.

        The first and the third texts are regarded as detailed commentaries on the Preliminary Practices, Guru Yoga, etc., The Stairway leading to the Three Bodies of the Pure Dimensions – The Complete Instructions of the Method of Following the Practices of The Profound Instructions of the Oral Transmission of the `Exalted Good Qualities´ (Mahasiddha Mahaguna) abbreviated in Yuthog Nyingthig Ngondro, p. 5, 6 as The Stairway to the Pure Trikaya Dimensions – Instructions to the Practice of the Oral Transmission, (snyan brgyud nyams len rnam bshad sku gsum zhing khams brgod pa´i them skas) is based on the 19th century master Chökyi Senge (Kar ma ‘jig med chos kyi seng ge), whereas The Source of Good Qualities – Notes and Recitation Manual for the Outer, Inner and Secret Practices of Accomplishing the Master through the Empowering Flow of Energies for `The Sunlight of Compassionate Energy Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering´ is abbreviated and translated in Yuthog Nyingthig Ngondro, p. 6 as The Source of Good Qualities – Notes for the Practice of Accomplishing the Master (bla sgrub nyams len zin bris yon tan ´byung gnas), and in Art of Good Karma, p. 12 as The Innermost Essence of the Teaching of Yuthok, Guru Practice – the Sunlight that Eliminates the Darkness of Suffering (g.u thog snying thig bla sgrub sdug bsngal mun sel nyi ma’i od ze).This text was written by Kongtrul Yönten Gyamtso alias Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye ('Jam mgon kong sprul blo gros mtha' yas), who is one of the great 19th century masters responsible for the compilation of the Rinchen Terdzöd collection.

        The second text shows the line drawings for the tormas used in the various rituals while the fourth texts gives the verses for recitation when the practices are applied and the fifth text seems to be a further commentary to the practice in general.

The sixth text entitled The Empowering Flow of Accomplishing the Master from the Yuthog Nyingthig –The Cycle of Dharma-Teachings `The Sunlight of Compassionate Energy Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering´ is the main collection of the root texts and commentaries giving explanations on the various preliminary and main practices, which deal mainly with highly advanced tantric and medical practices, elucidated in a language and with expressions only used in the context of Dzogchen and sometimes in Mahamudra too. The first chapter relates the history of the Yuthog Nyingthig tradition and together with the sixth chapter on the outer method of Accomplishing the Master or Guru Yoga are regarded as the two root texts for the Preliminary Practices or Ngöndro of the Yuthog Nyingthig.

The chapters two and three are the elaborate and concise forms of empowerments of the Yuthog Nyingthig which can be also found in the Rinchen Terdzöd. The following two chapters explain the samaya commitments related to these empowerments.

After the outer practice of the Guru Yoga follow the inner, secret and combined methods of Accomplishing the Master and the yidam deity in chapters seven to nine.

The following two chapters are dedicated to the practice of the dakini, followed by the practice of the five families of the mandala.

The three chapters thirteen to fifteen seem to be oral commentaries on the root-texts of the inner, outer and secret forms of Guru Yoga of Yuthogpa, which are followed by three chapters dealing with various torma offerings and activity rituals. This concludes the main practices related to the stage of development stage or kyerim of the Three Roots of Guru, Deva and Dakini which mainly focuses on the All-Embodied Wishfulfilling Jewel Practice of Guru Yoga (kun tu yid bzhin nor bu bla ma’i rnal ‘byor) or Accomplishing the State of the Master Yuthogpa.

Chapter nineteen is concerned with the main practices of the stage of completion or dzogrim, which are the famous six practices of 1. inner heat or tummo (gtum mo), 2. illusory body or gyülü (sgyu lus), 3. clear light  or ösal (‘od gsal), 4. death and intermediate states or bardo (bar do), 5. practice of transference or phowa (pho ba), and 6, practices of dream and sleep or milam (rmi lam).

Chapter twenty contains both the root text and the commentary for the practice of the various illusory or magical movements or trulkhor (‘khrul ‘khor, ‘phrul ‘khor) better known with the Sanskrit name Yantra, which are generally practiced as a secondary means for developing the inner heat and the pleasurable sensations of tummo and the sexual practices (sbyor ba), but are especially used in the practice of Dzogchen as powerful means for removing obstacles (gegs sel) which arise along the path. By removing hindrances and obstacles the practitioner quickly progresses in his practice (bogs ‘don). In the Yuthog Nyingthig the practice of the illusory movements and the various methods for removing the outer, inner and secret obstacles, contained in the following two chapters, can be regarded in the similar way and therefore are powerful methods of yogic practices combining physical movements, controlled holding of the breath and the vital energies and internal visualizations related to the mind.

In-between these chapters is the short chapter called The Direct Introduction to the Great Self-Liberation of Samsara and Nirvana from the Cycle of Dharma-Teachings `The Empowering Flow of Accomplishing the Master from the Yuthog Nyingthig´, which gives a direct introduction to the Natural State of the Nature of Mind and explains its relation to the state of Mahamudra, the culmination of the tantric methods of kyerim and dzogrim. As the methods of direct introduction (ngo sprod) and self-liberation (rang sgrol) are the characteristic mode of practicing Dzogchen Treckchö and Thögal (khregs chod thod rgal) and as the Yuthog Nyingthig clearly explains that both the five outer elements of space, wind, fire, water and earth and its related objects and beings as well as the five inner elements of one´s consciousness, breathing, bodily heat, blood, secrets, fluids and bones originate from the five pure lights, it is based on the understanding of Dzogchen. By applying and realizing the method of the self-liberation of the five elements they dissolve into their very nature (rang sar dengs), the primordial purity (ka dag) of the five lights (‘od lnga), which is the characteristics of the primordial purity of Treckchö (ka dag ‘khregs chod) although here the actual manner of practicing is a most specific method related to the realization of Yuthog Yönten Gönpo. This part is concluded by the chapter twenty-four which elucidates the signs which arise for the practitioner while he is practicing those above mentioned main practices.

The first twenty texts or chapters are regarded as the root texts containing the core of the Heart Essence of Yuthogpa, which Yuthog Yönten Gonpo experientially transmitted to Sumtön Yeshe Zung, who codified further oral instructions of his master, which are contained in the following twenty texts reedited and elaborated by Zurkhar Nyamnyid Dorje. Although the title of chapter twenty is The Root-Text of the Illusory Movements (Yantras) from (Yuthog Nyingthig´s) Accomplishing the Master, which is Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering, it contains not only the short root text but also a commentary by Drangsrong Sönam (Drang srong bsod nams), entitled The Commentary of the Profound Path of the Magical Movements, which is Clarifying the Darkness of Suffering (bla sgrub sdug bsngal mun sel gyi/ zab lam ‘khrul ‘khor zin bris ni). All the preceding chapters including the utmost important chapter on the practice of Dzogchen are written down by Yuthogpa´s direct disciple Sumtön Yeshe Zung, whereas the following twenty chapters were codified by the great fifteenth century master Zurkhar Nymnyid Dorje.

The next three chapters are dealing with practical issues of one´s daily practice, lineage prayers and Guru Yoga followed by two chapters of torma offerings, etc.

Chapter thirty contains the ritual instructions for the long-life empowerment which is also contained in the Rinchen Terdzöd.

The rest of the remaining sixteen chapters deals with a great variety of special rituals and practices related to Traditional Tibetan Medicine and special methods and explanations of diagnosis, divinations, clairvoyance and healing methods as well as averting obstacles, hindrances and demonic forces with means of mantra, mudra, protection charms, rituals and offerings, etc. Many of these practices are related to all the nine special protectors of the Yuthog Nyingthig tradition or to individual protectors among those nine classes. The last five of those texts are written by the nineteenth century master Karma Jigme Chökyi Senge, the editor of the block print edition.

The collection ends with a short practice of kusali offering which is traditionally regarded as a concise form of body offering (lus sbyin) like in the famous practices of chöd (gcod), written by Drophen Lingpa from Chagpori (lcags po ri rig byed ‘gro phan gling).


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Introduction to Yuthok Nyingthig

by Dr.Nida Chenagtsang

with Foreword by Robert Thurman

This book was written in order to give an overview of Yuthok's complete Dharma Cycle to both new and experienced practitioners of the Yuthok Nyingthig.
The practice of Yuthok Nyinthig is the most important spiritual practice for physicians and healing practitioners of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Yuthok Nyingthig means 'The Innermost Essence of thr Teaching of Yuthok'.

The practice was composed with the intention of imparting a profound and harmonious understanding to doctors, health and allied health care practitioners alonside dharma practitioners, giving them the opportunity to experience the union of medical practice and spiritual practice. A most essential and subtle perception takes place throughout the body, mind and energy by way of the five elements.

The Yuthog Nyingthig practice brings about spiritual progress, good health and longevity for all those who practice it. It must also be mentioned that it enhances diagnostic and therapeutic abilities for physicians, These aspects of the practice are considered the relative goal.
The ultimate goal of the Yuthok Nyinthig practice is geared towards a spiritual growth whereby the practitioner attains a deeper level of perception and experinece on the way to spiritual awakening. The ultimate goal is treading the spiritual path that leads to the Rainbow Body, the highest aspect of spiriutal realization.

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La Poster


La, which in the Tibetan language means supreme energy, is present both in Traditonal Tibetan Medicine and the ancient lore of Tibetan Astrology. La pervades the human body, stirring it to give us strength, stability and clarity of mind. Its vital eergy is considered to be an essence of our consciousness.

The Path of La follows a systematic sequence of points along the body through which the subtle energy flows during a 30-day lunar cycle.

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Tibetan Yogis Village Program in Amdo!
Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage

Education Project

Now collecting money to finance High School and University Education!

Many students do not have the opportunity to go to school because their family cannot afford paying tuition fees.

For the 4th consecutive year, we are collecting money to help them go to high school or university. Funds needed for this project: 2 000 RMB / 250 € per high school student; 10 800 RMB / 1350 € per university student. Any amount of money will help and is very much appreciated!


To participate, please contact your local branch or make a secured online donation at:

With the money collected in 2014, we have been able to help 13 students in 5 different villages: two of them are studying computer sciences or mathematics at the university, one is studying to become a teacher for kids and ten are attending high school. All of them are relatives of Ngakpas or Ngakmos who are actively involved in maintaining the tradition at Rigzin Rabpel Ling.
Students and their parents are very grateful to receive help from westerners. Many thanks to the donors from Lhamo Tso, Wan’ Ma Tso, Rinchin Dro ma, Wende Tso, Phamo Yak, Dorje Tsertan, Nyan Mo Gyal, Tashi Lhamo, Tarla Djia, Shorten Skyab, Rigdzin Tserang, Zhoumo Tserang and Rinchin Zangmo.


Cultural Project

Building a Retreat Centre with 8 Meditation Rooms
Local Ngakpas and westerners studying Traditional Tibetan Medicine with Dr Nida are doing retreats in the 3 meditation rooms, with shared solar shower and toilet, which are finished.
Funds needed to finish building 5 additional rooms with yard and garden are estimated at 153 500 RMB / 19 200 €.

For further information, visit Tibetan Yogis Village Program official website:
Or contact Tashitso, the program coordinator:
Join us on facebook: Tibetan Yogis Villages - Ngakpas of Rebkong


IATTM's homepage on Yuthok Nyingthig - the spirtual practice of Tibetan Medicine is a site on Tibetan Astrology. Check out the Tibetan calendar of the day - the elements present and how it can affect you. You can also see where 'La' protective energy is circulating for the day!

The Sorig Institute is the North American branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM). The Sorig Institute offers certification in Ku Nye Massage and Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). 'Sorig' is the official name of Tibetan Medicine, a combination of the words 'Sowa,' translated as 'healing' or 'nurturing', and 'Rigpa,' or 'awareness.' It is with the guiding principle of 'Healing Awareness' that we promote the lineage of Tibetan Medicine in the West.

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